1. crash carts &stat boxes please can someone tell me the difference it is 4 a class project i really need 2 know ive tryed 2 google it nothing is giving me accurate info!
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  3. by   ChristineN
    Your post makes absolutely no sense. No idea what sort of info you want.:bowingpur
  4. by   Medic09
    Christine is right; you need to write clearly if you expect folks to understand and respond helpfully. Isn't clear communication an important nursing skill?

    Okay, now I'll take a stab at this. Where I work a crash cart is a large cart with many drawers and a large top surface. It has a portable suction, monitor/defibrillator, airway adjuncts and intubation kit, difficult airway supplies, ACLS drugs prepackaged, etc. This one cart has everything we would need to work the first few minutes of a cardiac or respiratory arrest, or an imminently crashing patient.

    I suspect that a 'stat box' (I've never seen one nor heard of one) is much smaller and has specific limited supplies in it. You'd have to ask your instructor or the training facility. BTW, don't be afraid to ask your instructors when you don't know or understand something. That's how you learn. They might bark; but they rarely bite.
  5. by   Whispera
    Stat box is for the meds that wouldn't be in the patient's supply, not already ordered, but you need them quickly and don't have time to get a pharmacy to bring them.

    And yes, ask the instructor if you don't know. I suspect the question is to make you search for the answer and/or ASK!
  6. by   NurseyPoo7
  7. by   HappyBunnyNurse
    I agree the stat box must just be meds and the cart is meds and equipment. Sometimes in an emergency you just need meds but not necessarily equipment. Patients are charged a lot if the cart is opened! The charge applies even if just one med is used! This is because it has to be taken and restocked and resealed. "Stat Box" sounds like some institutional lingo. You will find a lot of that. Different institutions also call their codes different things.... Code blue, code 99, code 13 are a few I've heard. Good luck with your class!