JCAHO cerified agency nurses ?

  1. My best friend has worked for the same agency for years. She just learned that the main hospital they contract with will shortly only contract with JCAHO certified nurse staffing agencies.

    What kind of background checks, etc. will this entail for the nurses?

    I've googled it, but can't find any specific information.
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  3. by   Valanda
    The agency I work for is JCAHO certified, the only changes I noticed are that now we have protective equipment in each home supplied by the agency (instead of the family or ourselves), and we have to take tests each year on infection control and abuse reporting responsibilities. They also started drug testing, but I'm not sure if that's JCAHO or the insurance requiring that. Otherwise, I noticed no changes. I hear the office has gone through more changes as far as making sure doctor's orders get signed in time and all the charts are in order.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Some travel companies are JCAHO certified.

    The only difference that I have noted is that the JCAHO reviewers may call the nurses to ask questions.
  5. by   babynurselsa
    My agency is JCAHO certified.
    They come in and make sure the agency stays on top of keeping thier nurses files up to date. (Currents license copies, certs etc.) That yearly competencies are UTD.
    Beyond this I am not sure what else it entails for them.