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I just had two 12 hr nites, and had a pt. who is staying with me still. She is a single mom, who has been given the dx of Breast CA...2yrs of chemo, and bil mastectomy, she has now been dx with CA... Read More

  1. by   fedupnurse
    Brownie, is she involved in a church group anywhere? A nurse I work with works as a school nurse nearby and there was a single mom with terminal CA. They were working with the school and church this woman attended to place the kids together prior to her death so it would all be done and there wouldn't be any loose ends. If she has mets, she needs to focus on her kids and finding a good home for them. Sounds like her boyfriend and family aren't good candidates. How sad.
    God bless you for caring enough to get involved. Hang in there! Good luck and please let us know what happens.
  2. by   Sleepyeyes
    I truly feel for you and this pt in this situation....
    there is no time or distance with God. I will be praying for this patient, and I pray also that the Lord will allow you to see the fruit of your help to her....
    "Dear Jesus, I thank You that You are so close to me today that I can just ask You to put Your healing touch into this situation and help this cancer patient with whatever she may need. Put before her people who care as You care, and the assistance that can truly help her situation. And I pray that You will put peace into Brownie's heart that You have done all these things because of Your love for us. In Jesus' Name, I pray....amen."
  3. by   Brownms46
    (((((((((((((((((((((Sleepyeyes))))))))))))))))))) )))))

    Your prayer...brought tears to my eyes...and I truly felt the warmth of his love surround I must believe...that she felt it also! I can never thank you enough for taking the be soo thoughtful, and comforting...even thru your own trials..!
    May your day be blessed...and your soul lifted...each and everyday of your life.. thank you

    fedupnurse...thank you......for the information you posted. I'm not aware of any church involvement, but she has an I think the children would probably go to him. I just hope he isn't as pathetic as the boyfriend. But...I know she was divorced about the same time she got the first news of CA! And she never mentioned the ex at all. I found out about her being divorced from the MD who spoke so highly of her.

    From what she told me...when she went thru her mastectomy, reconstruction, and chemo...her mom..was little help at all! Her friend was trying to tell her...that she bet her mom would help her. And she began to tell us...just how little her mom helped her the first time. In fact her mother was pretty callous in dealing with her! She said she might help for a couple of days...but that would be it!

    Thank you fadingyouth...for explaining about HOPE! I didn't know about this program...and will pass this onto her...if she doesn't already have the information, by the time she comes back to the hospital. I'm sooo sorry...about how you found out this information...but glad you were willing to share!

    I have decided...that I will give her my number...and be willing to help in anyway I can. I believe...I couldn't live with myself...if I didn't at least offer her assistance. As I have said...there but for the grace of God go I. And the Lord has blessed me to be a blessing to others. So I will.