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I've been hearing of nurses getting counseled or warnings about overtime, for missing lunch breaks, late admissions, and misc other reasons... and/or hospitals requiring you to clock out on time,... Read More

  1. by   futurenursethatcares
    Our facility hates overtime. I work at a LTC facility and if we get into too much overtime they think it means we are not using our time wisely to get everything done. Like charting, giving report at the end of shift etc. Well I work overnights and we work with a skeleton crew at night for a facility that has over 100 residents. Our crew consists of 6-7 people each night. There are soooo many nights I do not get my breaks and it is very hard to get out of there at 7:30am right on the dot on a normal night. Then if there is a fall or we have to ship someone to the hospital whatever there is absolutely no way I will be leaving on time. Especially if I am to do my job properly, making sure all my charting is complete, my relief nurse has a proper report, etc. So my question to these facilities that gripe about overtime is do you want us to properly do our job or to half-ass it just to leave on time? I know I get frustrated with some of the nurses in our facility who do their job half-assed just d/t laziness.
    Just my 2 cents,
  2. by   radox
    No because if they did the entire system would collapse!
  3. by   survivor08
    What is so funny is that all summer everyone was being warned about clocking out "no break", getting RWL's, working short handed, etc. and heaven forbid get your full hours let alone a minute of OT, even if we did work through ALL of our breaks.... this month (now that so many people have quit...imagine that) we are having to work 2 shifts per month MANDATORY OT!
  4. by   churlgirl
    My facility has been attempting to decline OT for quite some time now, even after the OT slip has been signed by the charge nurse. I'm efficient in my job, and rarely put in for OT, but when you're over pt census and short a nurse, it's pretty tough. We're expected to know before noon (on a 7:30-15:30 shift) if we will be putting in for OT, but when you mention it, you get told, "well there is no OT". How about hiring some staff to fill the 3 or 4 empty lines?........Just a thought.
  5. by   EmmaG
    if we will be putting in for OT, but when you mention it, you get told, "well there is no OT".
    This is infuriating.

    If every nurse would simply drop what they are doing (short of a code, of course) at the end of their shift, give report and simply leave, it would soon become obvious to the idiots in administration that it isn't a matter of efficiency. Maybe as unfinished tasks begin to pile up, passed from shift to shift, docs and patients will start to raise hell. We can complain about nurse/patient ratios and acuity til we're blue in the face and we'll continue to be ignored and bullied by managers and administration, but let their "customers" begin to complain, and perhaps they'll sit up and take notice.

    I do NOT work for free. If I'm working past the end of my shift, or I don't get a lunch break, I will be paid for it.
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  6. by   Katie-in-charge51
    I would really like them to try! With late/early admissions,10 or more pts apiece, it is literally impossible to finish charting by shift end. I doubt if they want us leaving without charting and covering their butts! There are not enough of us to go around now, much less if they started disciplining nurses for overtime. They are lucky we stay to finish. I have never had a threat or warning about overtime. My direct boss doesn't care if there is overtime, only if the unit is staffed. If management starts issuing warnings, I'm OUTTATHERE! After 35 years, it would not be a good idea to tick me off.............................Katie
  7. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    In our unit it's common for breaks to be short, interrupted, or missed altogether. The only ones who get paid for missed breaks are the code team... two RNs and an RT. The rest of us may end up missing our breaks because of a code, but that doesn't count. We also put in a lot of extra time at the end of the shift because our reports are given face-to-face at the bedside on patients with multi-system problems, each of which must be given due attention. Although we usually have only one patient, when the oncoming nurse arrives at the bedside at 7:05 and report takes 20 or more minutes to complete to hospital standards, no accommodation is made for the fact that the clock stops at 7:15. When you have two patients, and are giving report to two different nurses, it could be 7:45 by the time you're done. And that doesn't even consider the late/early admission, the critically unstable patient who needs two nurses for a period of time and there's no extra staff coming on, the change-of-shift code (and they happen often enough!)... and on and on. When you fill out an OT slip, it might be weeks before it comes back to you "not approved" with a note attached... you didn't tell the manager/charge nurse in advance that you weren't going to get your break/your patient was going to destabilize/your relief was going to be late/you had two hours of charting from an event in the last hours of the shift... whatever. We are continually getting emails from management reminding us that breaks have to be completed by a defined time and that we're responsible for making sure we get them when we're supposed to. Nothing is ever said to the ones who are habitually late going for or coming back from theirs which makes me late for mine, or the fact that we can't be compelled to take our breaks in the first or last hours of the shift. I often find myself sitting in the break room when the next shift starts rolling in because it was the only way I was going to get a break at all. Makes me so mad!

    Until recently OT was such a bad word that we'd work dangerously short for days at a time. Then the professional responsibiblity complaints started piling up and now we have approval to call in OT to fill the gaps to staff us to 16 nurses per shift. If we can get people to come in... That kind of OT is different.
  8. by   NursesRmofun
    In addition to warning about not getting paid for no lunch, they also do not PAY OT unless it is preapproved and/or you file an OT slip. I never did for the half hour here and there. And I am sure I did not get paid. They steal money all the time that way.
  9. by   EmmaG
    I realize it's a double post, but this is getting so frustrating. Between reading the posts on this thread and others...and then thinking of the complaints about abuses from administration, I'm beginning to wonder if we don't deserve it. At some point, you stop being a victim and become a volunteer.
  10. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    I realize it's a double post, but this is getting so frustrating. Between reading the posts on this thread and others...and then thinking of the complaints about abuses from administration, I'm beginning to wonder if we don't deserve it. At some point, you stop being a victim and become a volunteer.
    Yeah I was gonna say ...... why should management/administration put a stop to this if people allow it to go on? Of course, they're going to get away with as much as they can!
  11. by   zadee123
    My facility is doing this exact thing. What is worse is that they seem to be targeting nurses who have been in the facility for a long time. They appear to be looking for ways to lower their salary needs. Many nurses don't get their pay for these occurances for 1 or 2 pay periods. Our pay is now done out of state and they are completely clueless about what is going on here. Many, many mistakes are being made in pay. Staff are being over paid one pay period and underpaid another then they take a lum sum out of your accounts when it is not even pay time. So many of our nurses have sought help from the labor board yet there seem to be no reprisals. Some nurses did not recieve pay for 3 weeks when they swithed the system. Just Friday a LPN was paid an RN salary and she knows it will takes weeks to get it fixed! We are stressing in this facility.
  12. by   Scrubby
    I just can't believe how different things are where i work. If they even tried that sort of thing on us management would have a riot on their hands i'm not joking.

    Not many of us really want to work the overtime anyway. I personally will not work overtime unless the person in charge actually takes the time to ASK me not just let me go on waiting to be relieved etc. I have never known anyone to claim for overtime and get warned or told off.....

    I agree that you all need to stick up for yourselves, let the union or someone know what's going on here.
  13. by   End Game RN
    Yeah, this has made it to our hospital this past year. Just clock in and out on time. Even if we've had a crazy day, I get everything done that I can, then come back to the unit after to finish documentation that I couldn't quite get to.(we are not supposed to do this)..believe me, I am a very organized person, however there are days when hell breaks know what I mean. This is not an everyday occurence. As for breaks, usually I just grab something for my patient not related to hospital cusine. For both patients if they are actually conscious and can eat. Breakfast from the Cuban restaurant on hospital grounds is usually a big hit, along with the cafe con leche. I generally drink a large, black cuban coffee (colada) with the sugar whipped into a froth on top. I enjoy hanging out with the families and take every oppurtunity to work with them and listen to their concerns..this to me is a break. As for lunch..I like to sit on the floor in the locker room, take my shoes off and read what ever book I've started. Again with the black, sugar frothy cuban coffee. I generally return to the unit early. Got twelve hours and I make the most of them.
    Generally our Adminisrators are reasonable. The bottom line does not come from any one source..Yeah, some things suck, but I understand why these changes are made.

    Take care, all of you out there. I've been through a half dozen administrative changes and have survived and out lasted all of them and am still happy and optamistic.
    By for now;

    End Game RN