Is this somesort of hazing, are they pulling my leg?

  1. I was just talking to 3 nurses who have a lot of LTC experience. The were comparing worst early discharge from the hospital horror stories. One said she sent a patient for a leg amputation and they came back to the LTC skilled unit 4 hrs after the amputation. The second claims she got a person back 24 hrs after a CABG. The worst one, (I do not know if I believe this) claims they got a heart lung transplant back to their unit four days after the surgery. Like I said, they know I am new to LTC and I wonder if this was not a nursing version of the old snipe hunt joke.
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  3. by   Genista
    They MUST be pulling your leg ;-)
  4. by   egmillard
    Some patients as you know can do very well post operatively, but I think that they were pulling your leg. Thats not to say that it didn't happen. Who knows what really goes on in other facilities........