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I just accepted a job to do pediatric homecare. It's nice because it's flexible and I'm in college bridging from LPN to RN and need that flexibility and only want to work part time. However, I... Read More

  1. by   auntcharsattic1
    I work peds homecare and also just had this situation arise. As it is my first job since graduating in July, I wondered also. My child's mother at first asked me to do little things: Did I mind changing child's sheets/bed linens (No, didn't mind). Picking up child's room (also didn't mind). Cleaning med equiptment (no problem). Vacuuming child's room (didn't mind, except that since the mom was watching tv and the patient and her sister were in the same room with her, I thought she could watch them while I was vacuuming- nope- guess who doesn't vacuume anymore). Cleaning bathroom and cleaning out child's closet (huh? you're kidding, right?). I finally, had to just say "That's not what I'm here for". Thankfully, my manager is very supportive. The mom actually called the manager to see if she could "tell me" to clean out the closet... I honestly don't mind going the extra mile for someone needs some help, but cleaning bathtubs and cleaning out closets?! What's next weeding the lawn? What was even more confusing was that the mom has a cleaning lady 5X a week already??? Be polite but firm- some people are very manipulative and will take as much advantage of you as you let them. If you are unsure what is expected or not, just ask your manager. Mine told me that I could do as much as I wanted but all that was required was that I care for the patient and her equiptment, anything else was at my discretion.
  2. by   indigo girl
    Quote from kukukajoo
    Med prep- Yes. Housekeeping- NO!

    Your job is the peds pt. not to clean a house for them. I can see your shift notes now- "0900- cleaned out dust bunnies from behind the couch" lol!

    I sould certainly talk to the agency and not the orienting nurse to clairify their expectations and if this is most certainly one of them run for the hills! I was a coordinator and did all the placements for a home agency and we used to have educate famililes with regard to this. Simply put, if they want a homemaker, we do have one available but our Nurses have an entirely different job description.
    Right, no cleaning unless you choose to help as a favor. I am sure that there is a different rate for a homemaker. Med prep is a yes if needed.
  3. by   charebec65
    Well, I oriented with another patient yesterday. I waited til the end to see if the nurse mentioned housekeeping. When she didn't, I mentioned it. She thought the other nurse was nuts. Well, at the risk of angering the other nurse, I'm not going to be doing the housecleaning. I'll clean up after myself and do things that are related to the patient but the family can clean their own place (or that nurse can do the the next time she's in). Like I said before, I don't mind helping out some but I did go to school to be a nurse.... Thanks for all the replies...