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Hi, I'm a nursing student and no I didn't decide to become a nurse after watching ER! (ha ha) I wanted to be an MD as a child then switched my career goals to nursing in middle school. Started... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    When I watch Trauma, Life in the ER I get all stressed and tense, just like I was there. So I don't watch it anymore.

    One good thing about ER they have brought the issue of long patient waits up several times, so we have less "drive through" traffic- meaning they are willing to wait 30 min. However, they are MUCH less willing to wait for tests, scans etc. Everything needs to be done much faster than reality to meet expectations.

    I always thought there was some sexual tension between Kerri Weaver and Jerry the desk clerk. Boy, guess that was a misread!
  2. by   ummnafeesah
    Originally posted by P_RN
    SO........... what is your Mom's opinion of The Practice? How about Law & Order. My atty. said that is his favorite. One of mine too. I don't care that much for the Practice.
    Oh she gets the biggest kick out of the Practice. She thinks it is so funny because she says no one would talk to judges the way the lawyers on the Practice do and get away with it.
    She likes Law & Order but can't really catch it because of her schedule and she doesn't like the spin offs (SVU, Criminal Intent)..she said the thing they don't show in L &O is all the work and research that goes into preparing the case, "it's all so fast on tv!" she says.
  3. by   -jt
    I like THIRD WATCH much better.... Monday night NBC