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This may seem to be a silly question, especially to all you you pros! But, my girlfriends and I were discussing this... You are on your feet all day long, and it can be very physical. I vote... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    It helps me to understand my body when I use raw data...I'm talking about my heart rate and acuity. I know about my heartbeats, and I know my age. When i wasa teenager, my heart could peak out around 190. Now, as an older person, based on age, my red line is 175. This number will keep decreasing as I get well into my 40's and 50's and 60's and 70's and hopefully 80's and 90's. I don't ever take it to 175, and thats resrved for life saving events and is ruled by my parasympatetic.sys. I can do 85% of my max heartrate, or around 160, safely. Also, if you run your heart too high, your body quits metabolising fat and hits your lean muscle for energy. It's your HR and motion/pressure/osmolarity/feeling that rules metabolism. For me, if I can be having my HR around 120-130 for at least 30-40 minutes is wickedly cool.
    I am scared when I start RN school in a phew days, that I may quit using the bike on some days when i hafta work/school and I don't have the time to eat properly and exercise. If I let that happen, it turns into a spirling effect of guilt and regret. At my age, my body starts to de-train/waste after 4 days of inactivity.

    Neil Young once said, "Once your gone, you can't come back, when your out of the blue, and into the black." He was talking about not kicking your HR up for so long that you can never feel like trying anymore. Hey Hey my my
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    mario, how is school going?
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    school starts in 10 hours. My heart rate and blood pressure has increased. My appetite this evening was top ramen and kim chee. I played pinball too much. I think I am ready for bed, but I can't sleep, like a kid at christmas.
    It's been 48 hours since i had my HR >90 and I feel it. i don't plan to exercise tomorrow because I am going to drive to school and back. I'm an idiot for not biking, but am weak, and want to make a shiney impression on my first day in a nice shirt and tie.
    I plan to raise my HR on Tuesday, withing 96 hours, so I'm safe.
  4. by   zudy
    Good luck, mario!! Have fun!
  5. by   NancyRN
    Mario have you thought of a career as a physical therapist? I have a friend who does this and sets her own hours. She makes lots more than any nurse! No weekends or nights, either.

    I went into nursing thinking I could teach people how to stay healthy and enjoy fitness as I did. Ha! When would this teaching take place?

    I just got back from the gym after a lame one hour workout. My knees are blown out from being on my feet so I have to be really careful. Also injured a rotator cuff trying to turn a 425 lb patient and it took a year to heal properly, so my upper body workout went downhill too.

    I am a person who never touches sugar, chemical additives, or white flour, but now I have to take sleeping pills to adjust to shift work and drink coffee to wake up

    I loved feeling healthy and strong. Hospital nursing has robbed me of that joy.