Is it selfish not to get a Flu Shot? - page 5

I've never gotten the flu shot, mainly because I've only had the flu once. On another BB at school (maybe she reads this bb too!) I was told that I may have gotten the virus, brushed it off... Read More

  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from lsyorke
    That would be a facility that I would be running from. I believe that's called blackmail!!
    If it were the only employee-unfriendly policy that would be one thing, but sadly it's only the tip of the iceberg and because we have a regional model and a single employer (the province of Alberta, deny that as they may) it's hard to get away from. I've never worked for such a repressive regime as we have here. And we have more layers of bureaucracy than baklava has filo pastry!
  2. by   pricklypear
    Hey, Tweety. I did some looking around, and found some information from the UK regarding asymptomatic infections. I must say, I am very surprised. See pg 54 in particular. I do think, though, that proper handwashing, and avoiding sneezing or coughing on your patient would prevent you from infecting them even if you were asymtomatic. I just truly believe that we need to be concentrating on making sure the truly at risk population gets vaccine, instead of using it all up on healthy health care workers. Compromised people are more likely to pick it up at the buffet line in their local resturant than they are from us if we all practice proper infection control at work.

    hopefully the link works - I couldn't get the cut and paste to work.