Is anyone a medical transcriptionist, or know anything about the occupation?

  1. Is any one a medical transcriptionist? If not do you know anything about the occupation?

    I decided I would rather work at home, on my own time, at my own computer. There are two colleges in my area that have medical transcription. I would like to know more about the occupation, such as information I wouldn't get from my guidance councelor or college rep.


    Kristi :kiss
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  3. by   Ted

    My wife is a medical transcriptionist for two different Physicians' offices. She does all medical transcriptions at home for one gastro doctor, and goes to the office for the other ENT physician's group.

    As a matter of fact, she's typing right now using her computer in the other room next to where I am.

    For the physician she works for typing transcriptions at home, she get paid per dictation . . . $5.75/dictation. My wife's typing is extremely fast. She has the tape recorder on high speed. (She also watches the t.v. while typing . . . it's incredible!) She can type about 5 to 6 medical dictations per hour . . . about $30 to $36 per hour!!! Of course, here weekly pay check is dependent on the number of patients the physician sees that week!

    For the ENT physicians group, she get hourly wages. Gets paid about $14/hour. This is her per-diem work and only works for this group when she wants . . . about 8 hours per week. . . . when she wants.

    She owns about two medical dictionaries. Uses my nursing text books on occasion. Mosty, though, she's just a smart person who knows a lot about the subjects she's typing about. I would like to add that she's been doing this work for over 10 years. She also does medical billing.

    FYI, the one "home" job was my job originally. It was a part time job while going to nursing school. Also had a full time job as an orderly for a local hospital. I hated doing the medical transcriptions!!!! It took me forever to do one dictation. I was always looking up words and analysing the physician's dictation. It was just too much work and time spent when what I really needed to be doing was study the nursing courses. So . . . my wife took over. God bless her soul!

    Her moto. . . Don't think. Just type. Then do spell check! :chuckle

    Hope this is helpful.

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  4. by   purplemania
    Ask the school if they have job assistance. The easy part is learning how to do the job, the hard part is getting clients. It may be helpful to work in a facility for a while until you learn the ropes. I found it easier to work with others in case I needed an interpreter for fast talking or speech slurring MD.s Special equipment is needed if you work at home but you will learn all about that in your course.
  5. by   Nurse2be
    Hi Kristi:

    I'm currently working as a medical transcriptionist, and I have been in the field for the past 9 years. It's been great to allow me to stay at home with my little girl, but it certainly has it's downfalls. For me, it's very lonesome to have just me and the computer and no real people contact. So, I've decided to go into nursing, hoping that it will be a welcome change. Additionally, you can expect to roughly make about $8.00 for the first couple of years you transcribe. Then, the average range is between $10-$14 an hour. With the technical college, you might check if they have a mentoring program (where you actually get to go in and type at one of the hospitals or clinics for a couple of months) because not only does this give you experience but also helps to build contacts.

    I hope this helps, and good luck to you whatever you decide to do.

  6. by   Mkue
    Hi Kristi,

    I used to transcribe for Medical Records Depts. It is really helpful if you want to get into nursing, you really do learn quite a bit.

    I think there is a site that I used to visit, something like that, you can read the message boards and learn from others who are working at home.

    Good Luck. And I have some transcription books that might be helpful if you are interested.