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Hi, I'm currently working on obtaining my BSN in nursing. Before this degree, I pursued a BA in education. I thought that I wanted to be a teacher. After all it was something that I'd wanted to do... Read More

  1. by   BoomerRN
    I was 26 when I started nursing school and had 3 children ages 7 mos. 3, 6. I never thought of myself as too old to go back to school. There were others in my class older than me and the oldest at that time (1975) was 51 years old. I don't think age matters. What matters is what you want to do. I never received support or help with the children from my mother and mother-in-law at the time. They felt I should stay at home and take care of my children. But, this was something I wanted to do and my husband and father were supportive and I went on and did it without no regrets. Twenty six is young and the life expectancy today is long. If you really want to be a nurse, go for it.
  2. by   joRPN
    Too Old?? OMG !!
    I went back to school at 37 to earn my RPN...that was 5 years ago. I am now working towards earning my RN. What better role model to be than to show others that one is NEVER too old to learn.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to earning your RN.
  3. by   JenNJFLCA
    I was 25 and a MUCH better student the second time around. You're never too old to start a new career!
  4. by   chadash
    You are a baby!
    Actually, I think 26 is a good time to go back to school. My kids are really getting their footing in their late 20s and have the maturity to start to know what they want to do. I think the early 20s are not the best time to discern that...
  5. by   kerslo

    My name is Karen from Texas, four years ago (your age) I started school to be an RN, but there was a problem, I was a single parent of two little ones and had to work to pay for a mortgage and a car payment plus bills etcccccc......... anyway, :uhoh21:

    I changed my major and instead seeked a business degree. I graduated in last year with an Associate and was half way to a Bachelor degree in Social Science. But when I was up on the podium something happened, when the LPN walked the stage, I realized that I did not want to graduate with the Business degree even though I had honers, I wanted to be up there with the Nurses.

    I had been in school for three years but I realized that this was not what I wanted to do. So what did I do half way through the Bachelor degree? I left my Social Science degree and a year later here I am in nursing school right back to where I started, wanting to be a nurse. I reconciled with my husband and we are still hanging in there. There have been hard times but if u want to do something follow your heart. Last week I justed turned 30!
    (I would have a BSN by now).:mortarboard:
  6. by   manofcare
    I wondered the same thing at fourtyone. Am now a 47y/o man in my first semester of an ADN program. I am one of the consistantly highest scoring students all the way through A&P I and II, Microbiology, and now in the program. My clinical skills are better because I bring life experience with me. I left a successful business to pursue my dreams. The only peolple that doubt my goals are not important to me anyway. My wife, daughter, and friends are very supportive. The instructors are really cool about me going into nursing. You know what? Five years from now, you will be five years older regardless what you are doing. I know I can make a positve difference in the care of my patients. My family is really long lived and healthy, I may work until I am seventy years old. Don't let the petty get you down, "Question not a folly, only what it accomplishes." Ayn Rand
  7. by   Era
    I went to Nursing school when I was in my late teens and the best students we had in my class were the 'matured' students. I had a lady who was in her late 40s and she was really good and was a good example to the rest of the class. You're only a baby! You'll be fine.
    Good luck!
  8. by   Diahni
    Quote from Mulan
    People have gone to nursing school in their 50's and 60's.
    I'm 53 and will take the NCELX this summer. You're never too old to do something if you still have the energy.
  9. by   goldielocks43
    I started nursing school in my early 30's there was two women in there late 50's. Go for it.....
  10. by   busyrninva
    Too old?? Sometimes, I wonder if it's old enough. You have to have a certain maturity level to deal with all the stress and demands that come along with nursing. I could go on for hours giving countless examples to prove a point, but in light of the few precious moments I have off of work, I chose to only respond to your question: No, 26 is not too old to go back to school.
    Best of Luck, never give up.
  11. by   Nimby5956
    I sure hope you're not too old!
    I'm 39 and will just be going to college for the first time!

    So, maybe by the time I'm 45, I'll be an RN.

    Good Luck to you!
  12. by   lantern light
    I'm in a RN to MSN program and just this morning had a similar conversation with my dear friend. This past week I've really struggled with, "Am I doing the right thing?? Difference is, I'm 56. So at 26 you should definately listen to your heart and GO FOR IT! By the way, my friend responded just like one of the others that responded to you, she told me, so you'll be almost 60 when you get your MSN, or you won't continue and you'll be....just 60.
  13. by   Zeelvn
    You're making me feel really old m'dear. I started back to school at 43 to get my LVN. In a week I'll be 45 and I'm currently working on my RN. After that I plan to try and get accepted into a NP program. Who knows, after that I my go for a masters in psych to top it off.....I'll need something a little slower paced when I'm 70 or so.