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  1. Hi,
    I am not sure which forum I should have put this in, so I thought I would post it here. If it would be better somewhere else, feel free to move it

    I passed the NCLEX a couple of weeks ago
    and put in my application yesterday. Med-surg called and want and interview with me. What questions should I expect during the interview? Any tips?
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Markthemalenurse
    The one question that I heard repeatedly is, "What can you bring to the unit?"
  4. by   Meerkat
    Be prepared to answer what your biggest strength is, and biggest weakness. For your weakness, have an answer for how you will improve. Good luck!
  5. by   RNAnnjeh
    they also like to evaluate your ability to problem solve, organize and prioritize, and that you will help your coworkers if you ever have a spare moment.

    best of luck.
  6. by   Pupnshnooter
    As a recruiter I ask these questions...

    Why did you become a nurse?
    What motivates you to go to work everyday?
    What skill do you wish to improve on in the next year?
    What expectations do you have from your manager and co-workers?
    In what areas do you have the least amount of patience for?

    And most important, what do you know about my company?

    You can't imagine what some people's answers are!
  7. by   Antikigirl
    Oh the What are your strengths and weaknesses is one I ALWAYS get asked!

    The trick to this is to put a positive spin on everything truthfully!

    Like for me, my communication skills and technical skills are my top most best qualitites! I list those and am prepared if they ask for an example. This one for me is easy!

    It is the weakness that is a bit harder. For me, I think I can get stuck in a room too often with someone talking my ear off...and don't have the heart to excuse myself. So I let them know that I have been working on that, have a few key phrases I use, utilize the stand near the door technique, and have really improved upon this since realizing it was a probelm area. See what I did there...I turned a negative into a positive!

    Good luck and congrats!!!!!!
  8. by   RNLisa
    "Give me an example of how you handled conflict?" That is something I heard at all 3 of my interviews. They want to know how you'd handle conflict either between your coworkers or patient's family.
  9. by   sunbeach73
    I second what RNLisa stated. I got the same exact question during my interview this week. "Give me an example of how you handled a conflict with a coworker." Then to follow up that question, "what did you learn from the experience?" "what do you like most about nursing?" "What do you like least about nursing?" Try not to go to far into detail. The less you say the better is what I have learned. I just landed my very first nursing job this week and start Oct. 10th. Remember to relax and try not to sound nervous. I wish you luck during your interview!
  10. by   Rnandsoccermom
    Another one may be, "where do you expect to be in the next five years?" I've been asked that, I was honest and said "I have 3 small kids and I will still be working." She laughed, I got the job!
  11. by   BlueEyedRN
    You take your patient his tray at 8:00, come to check on him at 8:30. He's completely unresponsive, but his vitals signs are normal. What do you do?

    Also, what do you think you can bring to the unit? What is the most challenging patient you had in clinicals? How have you dealt with other people when you've had conflicts with them? What are your five year goals? And strengths/weaknesses.

    Be prepared with lots of questions to ask in return, showing that you have researched the organization a little. Ask about what the future is for the unit or the hospital. Managers love to talk about those kinds of things.

    Good luck!
  12. by   RGN1
    "What skills do you think you can bring to this unit" is one I'm always being asked.

    Also when answering questions about weaknesses try & turn your weakness into a positive thing.Try & put it in a way that makes it out to not be an entirely bad thing. E.g I know I talk too much so I say something like " I know I have a tendency to talk too much but on the positive side it usually results in my being able to put my patients at ease very quickly" sort of thing.

    Yeah that to having questions of your own to ask!

    Good luck & let us all know when you get that job!!