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  1. by   susanmary
    Good for you fedupnurse --
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    Apply c clamp wth enough pressure to stop bleeding. I didn't write "DUH!!" after it.
    Watch him.
    I do not want you to call me again for anything on this patient. I wrote that as an order. Boy was he *issed off!!
  2. by   scrappy
    One of my friends got this as an order:

    Nurses, get a mop and clean this floor.

    She showed the order to the supervisor and they wrote it up.
  3. by   fedupnurse
    Hey Scrappy! You know what I would've said to that one get some lips and kiss my a$$!!!!!
  4. by   semstr
    called the private cod, and told him his patient was bleeding badly (after a femoral bypass)
    He said, are you sure?, I said yeah, when my colleque takes his finger off you better take your plasticboots with you.

    Doc was there in 15 minutes flat!!
  5. by   aussie oi oi oi
    what about the smart @#$%& reg who is always giving me a hard time about how little drug knowledge uni grads have then proceeded to write up sc clexane po, I then asked how he wanted me to give it, I suggested that I squirt clexane into the pts mouth!!!!!!!!!! He then informed me that clexane can be given po or sc yeah right I told him that if he wanted po then he show me the oral form, I think the phrase smart !@#$ nurses came into the conversation.

    A week later the same reg told me to mobilise this pt, when I refused he asked me why, I diplomatically pointed out that this pt had bilateral chest drains in that were on suction, had 2 broken legs and a fractured pelvis, he was in traction, advised that he was not quite ready for mobilisation, the reply was ok sister I see your point, the same doctor that said to dc telemetry as the pt was being externally (epicardial pacing with underlying rhy. of complete heart block) paced therefore we did not need to know his rthym, (what if the battery goes flat !!!!!!!)
  6. by   fedupnurse
    Isn't it just so scary sometimes Tweety? I recently dealt with a 3rd year medical resident who sent 4 pts. to the unit on day shift but held the really sick one in the er until nights came in. This pt. had a BP of 50 systolic for 24 hours!!!! Yes, that's right, 24 hours. So I drew a gas, figuring her pH had to be in the toilet since the max dopa and Levo at 40 mcg wasn't budging her pressure and found that she had a pH of 6.9. So I said to this idiot resident, "Do you want 4 or 6 amps push and how many do you want in the IVF?" She said oh 1 amp in the bag and she's not that shocky so she doesn't need any push." I said "you didn't really just tell me that this pt. with no BP x 24 hrs isn't really shocky did you?" She said yes. I said You really scare me I am calling the attending to get appropriate orders. She suddenly wanted to know my suggestions so I wouldn't call the attending. She wrote what I wanted but I called the MD anyway. SCARY!!!!! Still waiting to hear from QA on that one!
  7. by   BjOnrs
    Originally posted by l.rae
    July 2 years ago, new residents in the ER. JUly becomes the most popular moth to take a vacation. Anyway, a copd exac. admitted who consequently is iddm. New MD writes admission orders and writes "humulin R insulin 20u am and 5pm ivp. So I gently ask him ," you didn't want her rout. insulin given iv did you?" He says "Oh thanks," takes the chart from me and scribbles out the order, hands it back and says "I meant PO". He actually wrote it. MD=Mighty Dumb?
    :roll :roll

    TeeHee I love it! :roll M.D.=mighty dumb!!:chuckle ::chuckle
  8. by   peter73
    how about this order given for a sexually inappropriate patient who had a bullitin board full of candid poloriods of nursing staff....
    "private conversation with female nursing staff of chioce for 20 minutes QD."
    When I questioned it, the response was, give the guy what he wants, what else does he have left, besides it's not like hye could actually DO anything to them anyway.

    The MD also told the patient what he wrote and the it was ok to court the nurses

    I was never happier to be a man

  9. by   MLL
    Oh, My God!!!! "Get some lips and kiss my ass." I've been laughing mine off for five minutes now since I read that, and it's only 0945. You're a riot! You don't mind if I use that one some time, do you?
  10. by   Fgr8Out
    "whatever it takes to get this man to pass gas so he can eat."


    And then there was the alzheimer patient who had a foley... I went in and found him holding part of the catheter, saying "here, I cut this off." When I asked him what did he use to cut the foley he replied "this" and showed me a SHOE HORN!!!... Funny stuff, except that I couldn't find the majority of the catheter, (I rightfully assumed the cath was still inside his bladder) so I phoned the physician who said "just put another cath in him." I said WHAT?? (I didn't know where the missing part was, if the balloon was still inflated or anything) The physician then said "I don't care WHAT you do with the patient, send him to the "G** D*** ER for all I care."

    Orders written by the RN as follows:

    "Foley cath cut by patient. 8 inches of catheter unaccounted for. Send Patient to GD ER for evaluation and treatment"

    Yanno, the doctor NEVER gave me crap again.
  11. by   fedupnurse
    MLL, be my guest! And Peter, did anyone think to give that patient the phone number of that doctor's wife????? And/or his girlfriend??? That'd fix his wagon!
  12. by   Cubby
    Originally posted by efiebke
    Give #@$%@ Q #$% hours via @#$@

    Bad handwriting!

    May not be "outrageous orders" but bad unreadable orders still piss me off.

    Most outrageous order. . . has to be the classic

    Patient is a DNR/DNI and comfort care, but may give cardiac meds. :stone

    DNR DOES NOT (and I would like to stress) DOES NOT mean do not treat. All DNR means is if you find them without VS do not code. It is a major concern of mine as my staff feel the same way you do. Sorry to get off on a rant here but....
    Ya'll go back to having fun!!!! I'll shut up now!
  13. by   P_RN
    My little contribution seems teeeeny compared to these.

    Tired Resident after 48hours up wrote:

    P.D.R prn.