Inform director of leaving beforehand?

  1. Hello everyone,

    so ive decided that my current unit is really not for me. In these situations, should I give my director the heads up that I am searching for work and will be leaving soon? I want to because I'm not sure she would be called to answer questions about me from a potential new employer. I'm not worried about losing my job though, we're part of a union, and I would have do something grossly negligent or be written up multiple times before they could fire me.
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  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    New employers are unlikely to contact a current employer before you interview, and both parties are interested. It could be 1-3 months till you actually get an offer. so it may be good to not tip your hand too early.
  5. by   prmenrs
    I believe the customary procedure is to find a new job, give your old boss 2 weeks notice, work those two weeks, and start your new job.
  6. by   amoLucia
    PP prmenrs made a wise comment.

    If you tip your hand early, you'll most likely find yourself at the bottom of your unit's totem pole. And things can get ugly. Not worth risking your remaining time in an awkward situation.
  7. by   NuGuyNurse2b
    The question is - do you want her to answer questions from your potential new employer? Most places list on the job application whether you give permission to contact your current manager. If you check no, they won't. I know some people think that might be a negative, but I've checked no on prior applications and it hasn't been a problem. They're more interested in your experience.