info on Norwark virus please

  1. We've just had an outbreak in our hospital and i dont know anything about it,other than it's pretty unpleasant and can spread really fast
    Anyone nursed an outbreak of it? Is it a problem in the states/ rest of the world? What isolation precautions did you need to take,and did they work? Is there any treatment for it and if so what?
    Thanks everyone
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Ayyemmeff, there have been documented Norwalk outbreaks all over the world since about May of this year. In Canada, on the east coast of the US, all over the UK, on passenger cruise ships, among British troops in Afghanistan, and in a hotel in New Zealand, just to name a few. Only the common cold is reported more frequently. It's traditionally thought of as a food- or water-borne illness but recent outbreaks are being attributed by the CDC to person-to-person contact, or person-object-person. Therefore, just as in the common cold, THE most effective prevention is good handwashing, particularly after using the loo.

    No one really knows how long the organism lives on surfaces, which is a huge problem for disinfection. Generally the only substances that are known to kill Norwalk are chlorine bleach in high concentrations (5000 parts per million) or a couple of commercial products, including this one and this one.

    Isolation IS effective--but what's difficult is getting people to understand that affected persons continue to shed the virus in their stool (and are therefore infectious) for at least 72 hours (and it may be as long as a week) AFTER the cessation of symptoms. So ill persons need to be isolated for at least 72 hours after they are symptom-free.

    Treatment is symptomatic only, as the virus is self-limiting. Onset of symptoms is 24 - 72 hours after exposure; symptoms generally last 24 - 60 hours.

    Some more info here and here.

    Feel free to PM me if you need any more info. Good luck!
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  4. by   ayemmeff
    Thanks Stargazer :spin:
    Another gastroenteritus bug-just what the world needs!
    (we need a "nauseous" smilie! )
    You think it maybe another "Rusty's Hair" manifestation?! :chuckle
    Just can't wait for this bug to catch up with me!(blee-uuuch!)
  5. by   hapeewendy
    we have a major outbreak of norwalk goin on here now (toronto canada) including one of the units in the hospital I am presently working at and the hospital I attend classes in ...
    flu like symptoms , ++ vomiting, diarrhea, highly contagious, proper hand washing encouraged yadda yadda , symptons usually lasting a few days
    for more in depth info check out the cdc website...
    I'd give you the link but I'm too scared to go look cuz then I'll convince myself that I've got the norwalk virus hehe
  6. by   P_RN
    BAD stuff. I believe that's what I had this past summer.