Indiana Dept. of Health database got hacked into...

  1. Someone up to no good hacked into the Indiana State Dept.of Health database and now all our records are compromised. Anybody can get a job using our numbers and commit irresponsible or criminal acts. Not a very good feeling...
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  3. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    Let's see how fast the FBI can catch this guy.
  4. by   MT RN
    Do you have a source for this story? I did a quick google search and nothing came up. I'm curious as I'm licensed in Indiana as well.
  5. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    It was a personal letter sent by Chris Cotterill, Director to all the CNAs and QMAs and also to Home Health Aides. I posted the 1st paragraph and a telephone number under Indiana Nursing ( I don't know just how big of a break in this is.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I've received at least four or five letters since 2003 saying that some of my personal info has been compromised in computer hacking cases. One of them was specific for my info as a licensed health care provider. During this time frame I have actually had people dealing with my identifying data and making my existence interesting to say the least. The best a person can do is to follow the precautions put out in the media for protecting your personal info and hope the worst does not happen to you.

    For one thing, I am sick and tired of changing my phone numbers, my address, my bank accounts, my ATM cards with PINs, coming up with elaborate schemes to carry all my car keys, cash, identifying data, with me without giving off the information that I have no safe place to keep my things. It all gets very old as well as expensive over the years.

    P.S. I noticed that the people who have been interested in my business have not paid any of my bills or provided me with any food or shelter lately. They just take and laugh.
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  7. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    The danger is not only them using your credit cards or buying a house in your name; Using all of the information stolen they can get a job at a hospital somewhere pretending to be you, they could steal a bunch of narcotics, kill a patient, disappear, and the authorities will be coming after you. Sure, it all gets straightened up in the end but at what cost?
  8. by   casi
    One would hope with the amount of background checks that hospitals do they would notice that name doesn't match social security number/name/address/etc.
  9. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    Everything would match if they're assuming your identity and with your license number they can get a job as a nurse and impersonate a nurse until somebody gets suspicious.
  10. by   casi
    What does it take to get a new drivers license or state ID? Do you need a birth certificate or other identifying documents? I haven't yet had a job that didn't need a copy of my state ID. While it is a scary notion of having your identity stolen, I think that a lot of employers have some proceedures to make sure they are hiring who they are really hiring.
  11. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    Got a personal call from Chris Cotteril of the State of indiana and he said that they think DOJ has caught the hacker already. If that is true(and I wouldn't know why he would tell me that) it's lightening fast.