in need of some good reads: nursing fiction - page 3

i did a search and didnt find a thread already devoted to this... i was hoping some of you could recommend some nursing fiction to read. it is spring break and i managed to make it through... Read More

  1. by   Liann
    WOW...that is some list, landonsles! I will have to go through it when I have more time!!!! Thanks.
  2. by   Liann
    I see The Ciderhouse Rules by John Irving is on the list. It is not strictly about nursing, but is one of my favorite (medically related) books of all time. It really makes you think...
  3. by   mysticalwaters1
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    Cute cat!

    Try Devil's Waltz by Jonathan Kellerman. It's about Munchausen-by-proxy.

    I remember going to the library at the end of the term, first time I'd had time to read anything that wasn't for school. When I checked out the books, I realized that they all had a medical background. Fiction, non-fiction, didn't matter. Continuing Education, I guess.
    That's my cat simba he's adorable and let me put on my stuffed animal's nursing hat for like 30 sec! I don't know why but i'm allways fascinated by munchausen syndrome. Maybe because it's so horrible a love one making one sick for their own gain. Anytime a life time has a movie about it i'm watching it.