Immunization question

  1. I'll be applying to nursing schools soon and they all need you to have certain immunization records. Problem is- I have no idea where they are. I called my high school but they don't have it, and I remember that the last time I went to see a doctor, they did not have it on file either. Does anyone know anywhere else where I may be able to find these? I have moved around a lot so I think that may also be a factor.

    Or, lets say that I cannot find it- then I will need to redo them all.. like MMR and such. Is it unsafe to have the same vaccinations twice - or is it not a big deal at all?

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  3. by   Mystery5
    I had the same problem, but you can have titers done.
  4. by   alintanurse
    If you can remember with the help of family--which county/counties you lived in while growing up,you might contact the public health dept. to see if they have record of your immunizations.Otherwise contact your local public health dept. now and ask them to advise you.
  5. by   LPN01112005
    I had to have all mine again. I was an older student who was immunized in the 1960's at my pediatrician's office. Well, he's been dead many, many years. The health dept. in the city I grew up in had no record of me, so unfortunately, I had to have all my vaccinations again, except varicella. It did me no harm. Harmed my wallet, because they are expensive and insurance didn't pay for childhood immunizations in a 40 year old woman, but I didn't suffer any adverse effects.
  6. by   mishayla96
    wow...this one is interesting, as a future nursing student myself (once I get the darn prerequisites I am probably going to be going through that same dilemma if they want copies. I too moved around a lot and have NO earthly idea where my records would be. Ugh... I hope I can find them because not that I mind the shots if it has to be done--but I can not afford to shell out a ton of cash for them to be redone. Oh well. Cross that bridge when I get there...thanks for the heads up though.
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I have thought about this as well. I am 31, and I doubt even the health dept. has record of them anymore. The high school I graduated from may have them, but I'm sure they don't want to dig through old storage files to find them.

    So, I really need to start getting boosters now....won't slam the pocket book all at once, and wouldn't help to have a booster anyway.

    (I have had chickenpox, so I won't need the varicella. I have a couple of scars to prove that. LOL)
  8. by   ragingmomster
    Quote from Mystery5
    I had the same problem, but you can have titers done.

    Way cheaper than immunizations, and they can be done for most if not all of your standard childhood immunizations.

    Ask employee health if you are working in healthcare, or try the health office at your school. Either one may be able to set some lab draws up for you for free. Last resort try your primary MD, insurance may or may not pay for them.

    Proof of antibodies is enough to prove that you had the immunizations.

    My employee health nurse (useless woman) told me that I would have to have the HepB series again because I didn't know what the dates were when I had them. AS IF!!! I told her to just put me down as having refused them.
  9. by   mishayla96
    cool, then I will look into getting titers... Thanks a million
  10. by   lifeLONGstudent
    I am in the same boat with you --- cannot find my records and I am OLD!

    I am going to check with my school to make sure that titers are ok. I really don't want to get shots, but if I (we) have to do that, start early. You might not want to take all the shots at the same time, so give yourself time to space them out..... (and don't forget to premedicate yourself with Tyl before you get yer booster... ouch).

    I can get some records from my employee health nurse (hospital file)... and I like your ideas about showing the scars for the chicken pox....hee hee..

    Good luck - and would you please post what titers your school requires? My program does not start until May 05... so contacting them about immunizations is on my TO-DO list in about 2 months :chuckle

  11. by   alintanurse
    Last year I had to spend several days orientation with our local public health dept. There were several instances where adults/children came in without records of immunizations necessary for school. The public health nurses were very knowledgeable on what actions to take,also if needed the immunizations were given--and the cost was usually $10-$20 per shot. It's probably a less expensive route than seeing your pcp! Please call your local public health dept. for guidance.