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I told this CNA last Nov. that vital signs are due by 12 midnight. She has been doing them for me by 12 midnight ever since. I recently learned that she is not doing it for the other nurse and I am... Read More

  1. by   CoffeeRTC
    Quote from LPNtoRN
    Why does she need to get the vital signs by 12 midnight?
    Probably because the shift starts at 11pm and if you don't give a time limit, they will not do them until the shift is over. When I work, they know vitals before dinner time or 5pm!
  2. by   CoffeeRTC
    Quote from CHATSDALE
    do you know for a fact that the nurse had told the cna when she wanted the v/s...if you come on at 10 or 11 you ae going to be making rounds p report so you have eyeballed the patients...plus the off going v/s would probably be made maybe at 9p ... maybe the other nurse really didn't want them at the same time that you did...talk with the other nurse and let her know that you and the facility will back her up..but she needs to be the team leader..that when she requires v/s esp on a patient who has the potential to go bad then they should be delivered to her
    If vitals are to be done q shift and you are working 11-7...yes they need to be done by 12 am. 1. so you can catch any chages asap 2. so you are not interupting their sleep.
  3. by   kmrmom42
    Quote from LPN1974
    Well, I gotta put in my 2 cents worth, too.
    When and if I get in the nursing home, and somebody comes in and wakes my a$$ up at midnight to take v/s on me, they're gonna get their a$$ chewed out. I'm not a good sleeper anyway, and when I can catch some of it, I want it.
    When I worked in LTC, I made my aides get the v/s by 9pm on the ones that it was possible to do that, like the ones who did not have to be turned and checked q2hr.
    That's ridiculous to be waking folks up at midnight for v/s.
    I am assuming you weren't working the night shift if you could get vitals at 9 pm. A night shift nurse needs to get them AFTER she actually gets to work I would think?
  4. by   My409
    I think some nurses get a little power and it goes to their heads. It annoys me to hear LPN's say "my CNA's". Even RN's. They aren't "your" CNA's. They are the aides you work with.
    Like on Gone with the Wind, when the slaves are out in the cotton fields and one of them looks up and announces, "Quittin time!"and this other slave says, "I'm the foreman, I'm the one who says 'quittin time." Then he hollers out "Quittin time!"
    In the nursing home you are all slaves. I am looking forward to the day I can wash the brown off my nose and be my own boss. At least when I brown nose it will be to my benefit!
    Quittin time!!!
  5. by   Blackcat99
    Quote from Santana
    be careful Blackcat! As long as the cna is satisfying you than don't be concerned about she/he does with another nurse......we don't need to fall in to 'control freaks' and this is the way many take situations....take care of your shift and trust me.....let the other nurses do the same
    Thanks all for your messages. Yes I've decided to let the other nurse handle her own problems. As for me, I have decided to get out of LTC and will be applying for "any job nursing or non-nursing" when the Sunday paper comes this weekend. My nerves are shot and I am tired of coming home every morning thoroughly exhausted. :angryfire