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I have been here reading posts for quite some time now. I have only posted maybe once or twice to this forum because it has the tendency to get mean !!! I just finished reading posts about bullying... Read More

  1. by   lynndale316
    Dlgg..I have been where your are, as far as being burned out. Good luck to you in whatever you are planning. When I was at the quitting stage, I had loved ones who reminded me that I absolutely love this wild and crazy ride called nursing. I am ever so thankful that I did not quit. As some of the others have said, we all stick together in the long run. Do think about all the other areas of nursing available in this wonderful arena. god bless.
  2. by   renerian
    Dlgg your welcome. Have you decided what you would like to do? Maybe a new venue or something?

  3. by   MrsK1223

    I don't think anyone can blame you. I do not see nursing as a life long profession for myself either. I've only been in nursing 3 yrs or so and I've worked in several different areas, office nursing, hospital, psych and there's a recurring pattern I've found and that is the nurse is the scapegoat for everyone from the aides to the physicians to management. I like the parts of nursing I went into it for but when there is so much crap throwing from so many different directions you can't see the joy you once you had before you had so much egg in your face. I'm also tired of having my license put on the line because I'm left in a position to carry the duties of 4 nurses where 5 is required. My patient's safety is on the line and my life is on the line and management doesn't care and I'm preparing myself for a change. There are no perfect jobs but who is asking for perfect just doable and somewhat comfortable perameters work in. I'm tired of the "martyrs" of nursing enabling the abuse by others upon nurses. What other "professionals" has to put up with the kinds of working conditions we put up with. We are not seen as professionals by most but as doctors hand maidens, or over-paid documenters, or short order cooks, depending on who is making the judgement. Sure, I actually get a patient here and there that sees that without us nurses they know they wouldn't get the care they need. I try to communicate with nurse supervisors and coordinators and they are so not advocates for us, but for the interest of higher management. They're hands are tied and we are left to either sink or swim and when we swim hard we are never acknowledged for making it thru some of the most hideous working situations without someone dying or crashing. They leave no room for suiggestions on improvment or concern for what we feel are very real patient safety issues.

    I have experienced first hand how it feels to have senior nurses stand by and watch you drown. I've experienced the back stabbing and caniving. I've seen "social loafing" time and time again. I've had good experiences and worked with great nurses but it's been my experience that the negative greatly shadows the good. The bad is just epidemic wherever I go. I try to do things to change things for the better, I try to boost team morale but the bitterness and jadedness has infiltrated everyone so much and for so long, I don't see it changing. So I will work as long as it takes until I complete my new major and then who knows.

    I think its a shame that nursing has come to this. It has some deep rooted problems that won't be solved with higher wages and some fancy new proposals. Nursing needs an over-haul and some attitude adjustments in all nurses, new and old. If we are ever to gain any professional recognition by everyone, then we need to start acting like professionals and to me that means for a start is to quit being hired on like a pink collar employees and starting selling our services out to these hospitals just like these doctors do and so on.

    Well, you can tell its late cause I'm on a soapbox and probably making little sense.

    Good luck dllg.
  4. by   LuvsOB
    How sad. Good luck in whatever you do.
  5. by   askater11
    I posted on the "bullies in the workplace".

    My dh talked about becoming an R.N. He's heard all my stories...but still thinks if he had to he'd become an R.N.

    There are bullies....and the bulliness you see more because nursing is very challenging and can be stressful. I still like nursing...I find it a challenge dealing with people. Managers have told me I have a way of dealing with people(visitors/patients)...I can handle demanding/irritable families.

    There are some nurses I still have trouble with. (just a very small amount--e.g. the passed 2 units I've worked on have had 25-30 nurses staffed and each unit there's 2 nurses that I had difficulty with)

    Hey and your generalized statement about nurses...not being nice...is way off!! Don't look negative at most nurses...because most of us are very caring and very SPECIAL people. Thanks a lot!! Best wishes to you!!!
  6. by   askater11
    Originally posted by dlgg

    The bottom line is this, yes, bullying happens in all sectors of the working world, but I am convinced that nurses are the most vicious, mean, uncaring folks in the world.
    Dlgg I think this is the statement that hurt the other nurses feeling. But when I read it my heart crushed. I took a second and thought how untrue it is. I know in my heart of heart that I'm one of the most generous, helpful, caring nurse...mother...wife you'll ever know. And I know from working in the field nearly 10 years that most other nurses are the same way.

    Yes there are the "bad apples" but they are few...but a "bad apple" can sometimes stand out in a bunch.

    I love this board it's a place I can vent...we're in one of the most stressful...important...life-saving professions...I love having this board. And people not looking down at me...but giving me advice and listening to me vent when I have a bad day!!

    Have a great day everyone!!