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  1. Hello to All:

    I'm MJCRN and I am interested in becoming a Neonatal Nurse-RN for starters. I have a B.S. in Business Admin. and I haven't had much luck in this field. So here I am. I begin the RN program at a community college in January and I am looking forward to it.

    Yet, this isn't the only reason that I am going into nursing. I've always had the desire to be either a Pediatrician or Obstetrician. So this isn't anything new that I conjured up.

    I love children and the babies, they just take my heart :angel2: . I can relate even though I can't remember these events in my life, but I too was a preemie and the doctors didn't look for me to make it, but HERE I am 24 years later Blessed beyond Measure!! I would like a career in which I can truly make a difference in the lives of others and NOT just go to work to get a paycheck! To me that is unfulfilling and very boring! I have a history for the last 3 to 4 years of volunteer work with children, so whatever career I choose it will be geared toward the well-being of children.

    I am glad to be here.

    What stemmed the interest and desire for you to be a nurse??

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  3. by   Nemhain
    Hi! It seems like you'll be a wonderful neonatal nurse 'cause you certainly have a love for it!!!

    I've always been fascinated by surgery so I went into nursing to become an OR nurse, but like many people in nursing, I've decided on critical care instead.

    Welcome to allnurses! We're glad to have ya!
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses!
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    hello and welcome to the wonderful family of allnurses.com. enjoy your stay, and best of luck to you.
  6. by   mjcrn
    Not only have I had a hard time getting into the workforce, but I also have an incentive (4 months after birth). (Note: This is my choice to reveal something that is a part of me until God heals me-mjcrn). I have a tracheostomy that I have become very adaptable to during the course of my 24 years I've been blessed on this earth.

    I can witness that it's hard growing up with challenges that you are not even aware of why it happened to you during your younger years. Yet, I am here, (Bless God!)!

    So my parents at the time knew what it was like to have a baby in the hospital for approx 6-7 months in the NICU. Knowing what it is like with speech therapy, but prior to all of this, doctors giving up all hope that their first child would not make it (at approx. a few days old). The doctors even added that I would never walk, talk, or live a normal life. I am happy to witness that God has blessed me to do all of the above with no problems. He has shown favor on me to amaze even my doctor to this very day. (My doctor is in Chapel Hill) So I know the challenges of a child in school trying to fit in.

    I can say that you can make it No matter what the challenges. I've graduated High School, went on to College, graduated, and on my own, and currently about to return to school - All With a Tracheostomy. Not wanting sympathy or pity but I am just letting all know that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

    Phillipians 4:13
    "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

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    Welcome mjcrn. Enjoy the site!
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses.com!

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    I am glad you found us! Good luck, and again, welcome.

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