I'm getting written up! (Very long) - page 5

I'm getting written for an incident in which was completely misunderstood. Yesterday, I had a 20 year-old patient that was being induced for labor. On admission, she was asked what her plans were... Read More

  1. by   Ginger's Mom
    A Patient compliant can't be ignored your director is right. The next time you see the doctor, I would ask him in a professional manner with your director present., what evidenced based information does he have regarding epidurals. If he says nothing or give you no peer reviewed information, I would say, I didn't appreciate you asking for me to be written up, perhaps I should report you to the Board of Medicine or the chief of his service( which also has to do a review of his clinical practice). Your complaint would be he listened to a family member's request and not the Patient's request- HIPPA violation and not practicing evidence based medicine.

    I am sick of good nurse being brow beat for practicing good nursing.