I'm a newbie...nurses input, please!!!!

  1. Hello all! I just registered on this website this morning. Basically, I'm 36, have one year of college under my belt, and three boys (10, 13, 16). I'm married, have a new home and HAD a great accounting job (without the education - worked my way into it) for seven years. For the last ten years, I've looked into nursing because it's REALLY what I've wanted to do....in the fall, my accounting job ended as the company closed due to the economy.
    I'm scared, but I WANT TO BE A NURSE. I signed up for the fall CNA course in my area (40 minutes away) so I can get into the night/weekend ADN program. I know it's going to be hard (I work part-time for friends who own a restaurant). I've talked myself out of going to school for this for years...my kids are too little....I already have a great job...etc....all those excuses are null and void now.
    I just want to go for it! I need financial aid, and I'm not sure how I'll pay the bills, but I feel like I HAVE to do this or I'll be in food service forever. I've always had great grades in school and I feel like I have a lot to offer if I can just get through the schooling and "life". I won't let fear stop me!
    Speaking of fear - I've seen a lot of discouraging posts on here about jobs. It seems like jobs are scarce, but I have seen quite a few on my local jobnets and in newspapers. I'm sure the healthcare industry IS affected by this harsh economy, but that will turn around, right? I feel like nothing should stop me, and having a skills set and an education will get me a lot further than what I've got going for me now. I just want this BADLY. I could use my 7 years accounting experience, but the truth is, I LIKE working with people and accounting was not for me. I need to make a difference in the world helping people.
    I would appreciate any insight any nurses have, any encouragement, advice.....I'm listening!!! Thanks to everyone, and I admire what you do SO MUCH that I'm going to do it, too!!!!
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  3. by   apes85
    I have to say if it is your dream go for it, I am in school right now and keep hearing about how nursing goes through waves of shortages and excess all the time. I am sure with the baby boomers getting older there will be jobs, and as a nurse you can do almost anything. The nursing program is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and it is difficult to get through, but it is well worth it. The fact is there will always be jobs for nurses you can go any where and do just about anything.
  4. by   mrscoozy
    i am 37 and i've been working as an rn for 5 months now. i worked in the food service industry for many years when i decided to go back to school, i didn't want to work there forever either. i also have 3 kids and a very supportive husband. you just have to go for it, and when you are done it will be the best feeling! it is hard to find a job right now, depending on where you live, but it's not impossible. and by the time you are done hopefully things will be better with the economy. it will turn around, there's always going to be sick people. so stop trying to talk yourself out of it and go for it. in the end you will be glad you did!!:spin:
  5. by   stdntnurse
    My best advice for you would be to go for it, you seem very passionate and dedicated - which is exactly what you'll need to get you through! Although I am not in your situation in terms of starting nursing school as a second career, with a family, etc. I know a few people in my nursing program who are and I admire them greatly. I sometimes struggle to have assignments completed, manage my time and balance my life and I only have myself to worry about! There will be times when it's overwhelming, when there aren't enough hours in a day and when it will seem as if you will never grasp a concept but at the end of your first year you will look back (as I am doing now) and realize that you can make it through.
    If this is really what you want and you have the drive, take a chance and make it happen. The time in school flies so you'll be done before you know it! Best of luck to you and hopefully this helps
  6. by   uthscsanurse07
    Dear Newbie,

    There will never be a "perfect" time to go back to school. You have to adjust your life and make the sacrifices (there will be many) needed to finish school. Nursing school is hard work too. It is mentally and physically draining at times, but if you want it, you will suceed.

    I don't have any kids but I am married (9yrs) and it takes a supportive family to get through the four years and especially the two years of nursing school. If you can lean on your family for support and help with your kids, go for it! It will be worth it.
  7. by   nkochrn
    GO FOR IT!!! Lots people do it everyday. I tried to get my mom to go with me when I went but she used the excuse of having little kids who were 8 and 11 at the time. There is plenty of financial aid out there. It may be a good time to be in school b/c by the time you get out hopefully the economy will have turned around. In my hospital I can think of at least 5 baby boomers that will likely retire in the next 5-10 years.
  8. by   jenniern2be
    Your story sounds very similar to mine. I just started Nursing School 3 weeks ago. I worked in accounting for almost 13 years (no degree, just on the job training) and was not happy. Well, due to the economy, I was laid off in January. I took a CNA class in February and was accepted into school for the spring quarter. I have 4 kids (16,14,9,4) and 2 step children (13,9) and a VERY supportive husband and family. I could not do it without financial aid and we are making huge sacrifices as well.
    I am so excited that at the age of 36 I am on the road to reaching my dream of becoming a nurse and nothing is going to stop me! Good luck to you and I hope you can make it happen!
  9. by   Miss91
    Wow, thanks everyone!! You are all so encouraging. I realize it'll be very hard and will take me a long time, but it will be worth it. At age 36 I've also learned that we can do MORE than we think we can physically, mentally, emotionally.....I'm going for it. My little brother is 21 and has a management job but is also going back to school to be a physician. We have good talks and encourage each other often. Thanks again for the wonderful words!!!