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Would your hospital be ready for SARS if it appeared right now? Would you volunteer to work with these patients IF that is truly what they have? If not, why not? Would you only work if your are... Read More

  1. by   toronto rn
    I think the standard for care of SARS patients is pretty much universal at this point, regardless of where in the world the patient is located. Supportive care for the most part with supplemental oxygen, Ribavirin is used but has tremendous side effects and has not proven to be beneficial. Steroids may be given on the off chance that the respiratory compromise is due to COPD rather than SARS. (now a days any respiratory patient with a fever is isolated and treated as a suspect until proven otherwise). My understanding is that regardless of treatment most patients recover in about 2 weeks. The ones who require ventilation obviously have gotten a more severe form of the illness and the mortality rate can be significant. The resurgence of the virus in Toronto, Singapore and other countries only demonstrates the difficulty in distinguishing and controlling SARS. I don't know if there is a milder form of the virus in the USA, since there have been no deaths there that I know of. I wouldn't say that the treatments are any more effective because there really hasn't been any uncovered as of yet that is working. I suspect that many of the cases in the USA were not SARS. But there are definitely probable cases there, I hope the SARS cases continue to remain contained and the affected areas keep up their admirable low mortality rate.
    We are in the midst of reorganizing SARS care facilities with 4 main hospitals taking on the brunt of the cases. Lots of uproar about danger pay here, since some nurses are getting up to $100.00/hr to work in SARS areas and others are just getting straight pay.
  2. by   nursenoelle
    toronto- It must be difficult up there, just dealing with drama, fears, etc. My hat is off to you guys- what a great bunch of nurses. I live in a small town, and it's ridiculous. I was getting a pedicure at a local salon, and the owners are veitnamese, and a customer came in with a mask on. *sigh* I fear that our tiny asian population will suffer. Little does anyone know, the pt. has no relations here, had been a business traveler from the Phillipines and had been to Toronto recently.
  3. by   nrw350
    noelle, it sounds like that the only precautions your hospital cares to take are basic precautions and nothing further due to the expense. I would think the expense of a lawsuit from a patient contracting sars would be much hihger in the event the basic precautions failed would it not? It infuriates me how they are punishing you for looking out for the health and well-being of others and yourself. That is what a nurse is supposed to do for crying out loud!
  4. by   oramar
    Any of you who do not feel your facility is up to snuff should print up Susans post and show it to your boss.
  5. by   nursenoelle
    Instead of signing, the suspension, I told them that I would turn in a statement. It is now 5 pages long. toronto has been very helpful. Also included are webpages with recommended protocols. I plan on sending a cc to the CEO, I am not sure that he is not kept in the dark about alot of things, including nursing/medical issues. I had asked said DON "how is it that all these people are wrong and you are right?"