Ideas for a graduation party

  1. I will finish the Practical Nursing program in December and my parents are throwing me a graduation party the week after pinning. I am trying to get some ideas for decorations, centerpieces, food and drinks. Any ideas you have could possibly help. I am BIG on DIY things as well. I thought about having an area for pictures and my husband made the comment that we could try to find a board with nurses or patients that have the heads cut out so people could put their heads in there (lol) Open for suggestions =)

    Thanks so much =)
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  3. by   StudentNursieNM
    I just completed the PN program at my school, and for my pinning celebration I ordered some syringe pens, cute little rubber duckies in nurse uniforms, and little blood bags filled with watermelon flavored candy from the Oriental Trading Company. They were all a big hit with guests! I also found some bags of little squishy body parts at wal-mart. I didnt have time for this, but I wanted to use rolls of gauze for streamers. Hope this helps! Link for ordering is below:
  4. by   casi
    I didn't do anything nursing related for my graduation party. Since I graduated in December I had a luau which in MN sets a nice mood and served hot beverages.

    The one thing I did that was nursing related way buy oral syringes somewhere online and serve jello shots in them.
  5. by   Reigen
    My daughter's graduating this Sat 5/15 with her ADN and for her party we are using a clear table cloth and have clip art pictures of nurse/medical items to place uder it.

    We are also labling each food item with a "prescription" example:
    Name Cheetos and Doritos
    Sig: Eat in quanities until fingers turn orange
    DX For nourshiment
    For drinks we are using clean *read new and never used!** !male urinals for pitchers and plastic med cups for "shots" .

    I had a cake made and the baker is using a picture of her made into an edible image placed on the cake. I got graduatiob cake plates and napkins to use for this.
  6. by   ktwlpn
    For my neice's graduation I bought pink bedpans and a urinal on line and had floral arrangements made in them.I put drinks in enema bags,shots in large syringes (sans needles) jello shots in plastic med cups, found nurse "duckies" from Oriental trading company. We folded white cardboard into nurse's caps. I also found candy molds in body part and medical equipment shapes but ran out of time...