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Hey everyone... I want to thank everyone for the prayers. I'm sorry I haven't been able to explain why I needed them and what I meant by saying I was in trouble, but I have recovered enough... Read More

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    Quote from santhony44
    That's an awful way to be treated. They should have to not only take you back, but pay you for the time you missed. Probably won't happen, though.

    I don't take Ambien because I took it once and stayed up a while. I got drunker than the proverbial skunk! If I'd done as you did and taken it by mistake, I would probably have killed myself before I ever got to work.

    You made an honest mistake and they should not hold that against you. They also should have done a bit more to discover why you acted "impaired." Medical conditions can cause symptoms, too. If it had been, say, low blood sugar, you could've ended up in a coma while they were worrying about drug abuse. I've known a diabetic nurse to act impaired when she took her insulin and forgot to eat; she made a mistake with her meds, too, but no one held it against her.

    I'm really sorry all this happened, and hope that a better job is just around the corner for you!

    a nurse at work ( not that we got along - we did not get along well but thats beside the point lol) was fired - i wsa told she had been on drugs - as much as i did not get along i did not believe she was doing drugs - i called her dh and now have her in my prayers - she has a brain tumour!! damn administrations for jumping to conclusions - its sckening. i told her dh he should go after our work and get them for wrongful firing - dont know if itd work but no nurse or anyone deserves the BS we get.
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    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    Hey everyone,

    You all have been so wonderfully supportive of me. It means so much to me. Other than my dh of course, you're the first ones who didn't treat me like a criminal.

    I called my DON today after she received the report, and she said that she will meet with me tomorrow at 11am. I am SICK of not knowing! I worked my @ss off over a year for this place, on salary yet working 10-20 hours of UNPAID overtime each pay period. At night I am on my own to handle any unforeseen circumstances involving staff or residents (all 165 residents!) and I have always done the right thing. I made a MISTAKE. She has to realize I would never work on ambien intentionally!

    I just don't know what to do. I've been out of work now for nine days. I can't afford it- and dh was working PRN at the same place, for obvious reasons he hasn't been called for any days so our income is zero. I'm scared and desperate and have no money for a lawyer. I can't just go find another job until I know whether or not I've lost THIS one, and they seem determined to string me along as long as they possibly can! Thank the Lord I have been throwing spare change into an enormous bottle for the last year and a half, that $320 in change has made the difference between us squeaking by thus far and us losing our house.

    I've been honest with them the whole time I've been there. When they hired me, I told them UPFRONT about my back problems and the fact that I had narcotics prescribed but chose not to take them within twelve hours of work. They hired me KNOWING this, and for over a year I have shown myself to be very responsible! I recognized problems with quality control at work and created and implemented 14 different tracking forms (including random call light audits to see how long it took for someone to answer them, compliance round checks, and total care cards which I put under helpless residents to see how long it took a CNA to find them, all of which I handled myself rather than putting paperwork on the LPNs). I haven't missed work in I don't know how long- I even worked every holiday although as salary I could have stayed home and gotten paid the same anyway. I knew they needed me. Hell, when I broke my thumb in three places AND dislocated it last year, I called in for that night only (broke it at 8pm, called in for that 11-7 shift) but was back the very next night on nothing but Advil and Aleve, and a whole lot of pain tolerance.

    I'm sorry to babble like this, but I feel so betrayed. I really thought I was valued there, and everyone just turned on me without giving me a chance to prove my innocence!

    If I could afford a lawyer, I would get one in a heartbeat. Right now though, I don't even know how we are going to pay our utilities. DH has been putting in applications around town, but the newly graduated summer crop of LPNs seem to have wiped out most job opportunities, and even if he was hired tomorrow the time we've gone without work just might ruin us- we've been renting to own our house and paying money each month into a seperate escrow account, if we can't pay our rent we lose our escrow account too, which is in the neighborhood of $5K, when it reached 10K we would have owned the house and paid mortgage instead. I'm terrified right now that we are going to lose it all. The reason we have been living paycheck to paycheck is because of all those bills plus dh's child support, and we have been putting every spare cent into that escrow account in hopes to get the house sooner. But even if I got a lawyer, Alabama is a "right to work" state, so they can fire you for any reason or NO reason. I don't think legally I'd have much to go by... but I have given the last year of my life to my employer, and they've spat on me in return.

    I just don't know what to do. I'm so scared.
    call social services ( and dont be ashamed you have added to the funds for yrs time to get some back) and tell them whats up and see what they have to offer - in our state they have emergency funds for folks in situations like you that will help pay a month on the rent and there is fuel assistance and maybe even more depending on your circumstances. also - call the lawyers and see if any will do it verbatim with payment from winnings or whatever you'd call it. some will you'd be surprised just for the challenge. or perhaps social services can gear you towards like we have - there are lawyers in our state that take cases based on income - or perhaps the DA?? dont know about that. do some calling and see what you can come up with. if nothing else perhaps just the rent and fuel assistance would get you by enough. hugs and prayers.
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    Quote from GatorRN
    I'm soo sorry your having to deal with all this nonsense. You sound like a great nurse with a big heart. Working all nite, going to spend time with your loved one, and then still going into work after no sleep because you knew they needed you. Wow, I'm impressed. It's a shame whoever called your DON in didn't just come to you and ask if everything was alright. Surely things would have been different if they understood the circumstances and didn't jump to the wrong conclusion. It's even sadder that your DON didn't understand either and have your back, instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion herself.

    After all the free time you've given to her facility and what sounds like some great quality control systems you've implemented. What a shame all your hard work wasn't appreciated more. And now she may not even be available for your scheduled meeting in the morning! What's wrong with this picture? Ya know, I think if I were you, even if you're not let go, I'd be looking for another job real fast! I don't think I"d want to work for someone who was so cold hearted, unappreciative and unsupportive.

    Has your hubby checked with any agencies in your area? They pay pretty well even if it's something he only wanted to do temporarily for a quick buck....maybe a home care agency. I hope everything goes well for you at your meeting. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. You don't deserve this treatment. :icon_hug:

    the sad part is no matter what thread i have read in the past months - it seems the "good" places to work are far and few between. i know they are few in our area alone. its sad - and disheartening and i just keep hanging on for my residenst sake cause they are the ones caught in the middle of all that goes on.
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    Quote from jodyangel
    Not in a "at will" state. She would have had to be discriminated again'st...for her color or her age for her to sue for wrongful firing. In an At Will State, they don't have to have a "good" reason to fire you. NJ is the same way, and I know a nurse who was fired over something quite minor. She called a lawyer and he said unfortionately he couldnt help her.

    Sad state of affairs isn't it? I've seen too many nurses fired over either lies or small infractions. And we have a nursing shortage???? Makes ya think!!
    hmm just thought of this - being made to take off can she go for unemplyment now or does she have to actually be fired - i know that it may take a while to get but they would have to pay to the back date she filed if she wins and THEY DO have the burden of having to prove they fired you for good reason ( which i know very few who have actually NOT gotten unemploymnet though most employers will try to deny it just to agravate you)
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    Quote from jodyangel
    OH lori...if you have been fired File for Unemployement!! If you are told you can't because your facility has said you were impaired or they give another Phooney reason...ask to dispute it. You get a phone interview to dispute the refusal. And you can and Willl win your case to get unemployement while you look for another job. Trust me..it takes determination but it can be done.
    And def. quit that facility and work Agency for a bit. More money, less hassle while you look around.
    My thoughts are with you today...Jody
    dont quit or you cant get unemployment at least that is my understanding - let them fire you - go for unemployment - they will likely deny it - which in turn you go to a court with a judge and they will likely make fools of themselves ( as mine did hahha) for they cant prove what they say tyou did. get copies of your labs and have them at the ready and get anyone you know who knows YOU that woul be willing to go in with you to court ofr character witness and nail thier butts for unemployment. get a note from your moms doc re her illness and you being with her - anything you can think of to back up what you know happened. still praying. hugs
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    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    Hi everybody,

    The meeting was horrible. I was fired. Legally I don't even have a leg to stand on because of the fact that due to the Ambien I was impaired legally. They did say that they will not report me to the BON for it, which is something I guess. I'm just so sad right now. I've been calling around town trying to see what is open, and I have an interview Monday.

    I just can't believe this happened. I can't believe they would fire me over a simple mistake. The sad part is, I believe that the best friend of my administrator (who is our current risk manager) has been wanting my job and that may have a lot to do with it. It just isn't fair. They told me that they wouldn't trust me anymore, that they would be worrying all night when I worked as to whether or not I had made the mistake again. What a load of crap. It was a freak accident, one I have taken responsibility for but I don't think the price should be so steep. I offered to go back on probation, but they said no. I was crying my heart out as I packed my office belongings. I am so devastated to leave, I loved my job.

    My resume is in good shape though, I have a wonderful annual evaluation, plus copies of the forms I had created and implemented. Someone should be willing to hire me. I just hate the feeling of being unwanted by a facility that I thought I'd be at for many years.

    I'm drowning my sorrows with a (weak) rum and coke, and I think I'll spend a couple days feeling sorry for myself and then pull myself back up and set out to find a (hopefully better) job.

    Thank you all for your support. It has really meant more than you could ever know.

    did the ambien show on your test or is your word against the don - the reason i think they wont turn you to the bon is they have no legal leg to stand on, they just using that as a consolation prize to thier idiotic mistake of firing you, making you think they have you by the tail - when in actuality if it went to the bon they may find themselves in a deep load of crap for wrongful firing. if it were me - id go for unemployment off them and "look" for a job as slowly as possible - make them pay - even if you find part time work or even full time work depending on what you will get paid you may still qualify for unemployment as it goes by what you made with THEM so if you have to make less you may be eligible for monies that will make up for the lost wages. so check into it -
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    Quote from kat911
    I have to agree with swanganz you should not have gone to work. I too work a job where it is hard on everyone if one of us calls in, but sometimes you do what you must because you are a professional. I don't think the response from your DON was very professional either. You made an error in judgement and it sounds like you deserved a chance to show you wouldn't make that mistake again. You may be right about them looking for an opportunity to get rid of you. I trust you have reevaluated your behaviors that lead you to take stimulants in order to make it through a shift and on top of that have to take a med to mediate the side effects. You need to start taking care of yourself and give yourself high priority in your own life, I think you give all you have to others. Good luck with your job search.
    ok here is my stance - pat the reporter on the back - i would rather be reported or others reported and found not guilty than have someone not report and someone get hurt cause there was drug abuse involved -

    that said this don when came in should not have just "observed her" she should have confronted her immediately ( what the hell ws she doing waiting for a mistake to happen first) and asked her whats up - after explaining ( probably would still get the drug testing but that ok too) the don should have had enough compassion to say good god girl go home and get some sleep as long as I'm here ill finish the night - get the drug test fort though just to prove all is well - to me if that was the scenario id have been fine with it if it were mne - but the back lashing sneaky bull crap they pulled was unacceptable - you know they are trying to just get rid of you for whatever reason be it personality conflicts or whatever - when they are underhanded and sneaky about it. AND let it drag out to torment yo. praying for you still my dear. hang in there god is good and things will look up. check into the things i and others have posted to help you financially. keep us informed - worried about you - pm me anytime- if you have kids i am willing to set you up with a good xmas for them ( you'd have to pay postage but the toys are good ones and well worth the postage) - well depending on their age - i sell at markets and have many left over brand new toys id be happy to give you to help you out. not much for adults though sorry. let me know. hugs tracie
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    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    I forgot to ask, what do I say when I am asked why I left my last job?? I can't say "because I was impaired on duty"...

    Does anyone have any experience with title loans?
    if at all posible stay away from title loans and any payday loans stuff - you will never get out of it anytime soon and very well could loose what you colateral easily. its like a legal loan shark and all you pay is horendous interest. my dh nearly drowned us unbeknownts to me using them services - dont do it at all. find another way -- a friend or family member - or try social services for help.

    as for what to say you put "personal" in the space and when they ask you at interview be honest and tell them what happened - have your lab reports to back up your side of the story as well as any personal references hand written to back you up. at least that is what i have done .
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    Quote from Mulan
    Feel free to post the rest of your tips! These are all very interesting!
    oh - if you have life insurance you may be able to borrow from that - i did that once - you pay back low payemnts plus interest but the interest goes back to you - check your policies if you have any equity if you have any life ins.
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    Quote from Kymmi
    I've read this entire thread and although I havent figured out how to cut/paste quotes from other posters I'd like to say a few things so I'll generalize.

    Amy Gooch---excellent post and suggestions--can you be my life coach?

    To the poster suggesting that a friend call and pretend to be a perspective employer---Im not sure that is such a good idea because I do believe that could cause alot of troubles for misrepresentation.

    The the poster suggesting that that the Lortab would not have shown up in the drug screen if it had been 12 hours since Lori took it I think that is wrong because if you look up the amount of days that narcotics can be detected on a drug screen it is many. I know that Percocet can be detected up to at least 5 days post last dose.

    Lori---I really think that you had the best of intentions by going into work however I do agree that you need to learn how to take care of yourself and do what is best for YOU first. The old saying that goes something like you cant make anyone else happy if you arent happy yourself also applies to taking care of yourself. A majority of nurses are so co-dependent that we worry about everyone else first and ourselves last and in the long run that is no good for anyone. I have wondered while reading this entire post why the DON would take such drastic measures against you if this was the first incident. Im not necessarily saying impaired incident but any kind of negative incident in general. I know what's done is done however even though the state is a right to work state I do believe that most employers keep a very good paper trail on any negative issues that may occur.

    i was fired from my last job with NO prior bad things in my chart - they came up with a bogus reasonj a week or so after i reported them to state - thankfully i was able to prove thier accusations wrong and get unemployment causethey trieds to deny it but unfortuanltley i wasnt able to prove it was because they found i went to state.
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    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    I just got a phone call from the child psych facility-

    I GOT THE JOB!!! My first day will hopefully be no later than a week from Thursday, sooner if the DON can get someone in to do the hour-long paperwork session/background check. I might have to wait until Monday at 0900 to do that otherwise, then 72 hours for the check to come back and once it does I can work. She is going to see if someone can do it this week though, which would mean I could start on Monday. I was hoping to be working this week, but I will accept the delay.

    I am so excited about this! Although I love working with the elderly, this position will allow me to utilize me special ed background. In addition, I will finally get paid overtime for the extra hours I work. I didn't have that at my old job. Although it is going to be a struggle to get back on my feet financially after three weeks without work, I will make it somehow. DH had an interview today at another local nursing home for a 3-11 position as well (we want to work the same shift) so hopefully by the end of the week we will both be employed.

    I can't believe they formally offered me the job- I have been sick with worry about what my old DON was going to tell them, but I guess she took the high road. I am so relieved. Plus, I really liked the DON who interviewed me, and the facility seems to be a great place to work.

    Oh, what a relief... you guys have seriously kept me sane. Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support- I have tears in my eyes right now that are blurring the computer screen... I have been so scared. We'll have to sell some stuff to meet bills, and one wonderful person here has offered to help us out as long as I donate the same amount to charity- I will thank them personally if they okay me to say who it is- and I am going to donate DOUBLE in their name as soon as I financially am able to. There is a charity that sends the children of soldiers who were killed in Iraq to a grief camp at no cost to them, and I have supported them in the past.

    You guys are the most wonderful people anywhere in the world... you make me so proud to be a nurse and have people like you as colleagues!!!

    I'm so excited!!!!!!!

    wooowooo - hooray - i am sooo happy for you. will cont to pray for you as i know t can be a tad scary starting new - you will do well. and thank you to whoever is able to help you out - there really are great folks out there - wish i could have helpoed finacillay too. god bless your helper ten fold!!!
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    The whole thing sounds really cruel and unjust. I am sorry that you had to go through this. I think you would have been better calling in and telling them that you were with a dying family member...if they didn't understand that, not sure you would want to stay there anyhow. Wishing you the best of luck!!
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    Oops sorry, didn't see the latest news at first. Congratulations....glad to see your life is turning around. Good luck to you!!