I thought the LPN program was under a year??

  1. I have a question.
    I was looking to take the LPN program at a few places it's advertised as a program that takes under a year to complete(10 1/2 months).
    However today I recieved information in regards to the LPN program.

    It said the following under Admissions requirements.
    Graduates are required to work in a state operated healthcare facility for one year after graduation (I live in MA).

    I have the following questions.

    So is the LPN program really 1 year and 10 1/2 months, or just 10 months or does this rule just apply to this school?

    1) How long is the program in total is there a specific protocal/standard on length?

    2) If the program turns out to take 10.5 for schooling and 1 year for clinical
    could I take the program in Mass (the 10.5 months), and then spend that one year working in another state like Arizona? I

    3) Do you get paid for that one year or is it considered training.
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  3. by   Mint Julip
    The length of the program depends on the school. There is no standard that they all follow. Practical nursing programs can run anywhere from 10 to 18 months or up to 2 years for an associates degree. I live in MA as well and the program I attended was 10 months long. Clinicals were included in that 10 months. What program are you referring to?
  4. by   jgg765
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
    The program I was reffering to was at Soldiers Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Can you give me the name of the school were you took the program at and the cost.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    depends on the structure. Part time was 18 mo and full time 12 mo at the technical college where LPNs graduated that I knew.
  6. by   Mint Julip
    Originally posted by jgg767
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
    The program I was reffering to was at Soldiers Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Can you give me the name of the school were you took the program at and the cost.
    That explains the one year work obligation. I attended Greater Lowell Technical in Tyngsboro and tuition itself was $3650, but I believe it has increased since then. I'm not sure by how much though. If you call them or send an email they can give you that information.

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  7. by   mystc42
    I actually just started an LPN program a couple of weeks ago. My program is just one year Oct- Oct. But rules are starting to change and they are trying to take it back to 15-18 months. It just depends on the area you are in. You don't get paid it is considered schooling/training. The total cost of my program is about $4500. But thats where I am in Tennessee there are rules that differ in different parts of the US


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  8. by   angelad725
    I am currently a student at the Soldiers Home, and it is a 10 and a half month program. It begins around September. 8th, and ends in the third week of July. The cost total is around $1,000+ dollars, and yes you have to work for the state of Massachusetts for one year after graduation or else the tuition of the school would be close to 13,000. The state of Massachusetts is paying for the program, therefore you need to work for one year to pay back that debt.
    They accept about 40 people into the program and they are extremely strict. You have to maintain an average of 75% to even be able to sit for the final exam in a course. You also can only miss 8 hours of class per semester or you will be asked to leave. We are currently down to 23 people and we are only in the middle of our second semester. It is a great school, and highly regarded in the state of Massachusetts but it is a very difficult fast paced program as well. Good luck in your future,

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  9. by   TracyB,RN
    I did my LPN program in IL, back in 91-92. It ran from middle of August to first week of July. We went M-F 8a - 3:30pm. One day of clinical to start, then 2 days a week halfway through.
    I can't remember the cost, though. I want to say 1500 dollars, but can't remember for sure. Wasn't employer sponsored, so I paid the cost & had no work obligation. Strict attendance & grade policies, also.
  10. by   angelad725
    We start with two days of clinical every week during the first semester. Starting second semester we have three days of clinical and three days during our third semester as well.
    In total we have close to 3,000 hours of clinical time in a 10 1/2 month period. During that time we have rotations in:

    -Med/Surg Nursing
    -Maternal/Newborn Nursing
    -Respiratory and Neuro

    These rotations are done at St. Elizabeths Medical Center in Boston and at the Whidden Memorial Hospital in Everett.
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  11. by   Agnus
    $13,000 seems a bit steep.
    If you prefer not to be an indentured servent to this institution for a year you absolutely can find LPN and even RN programs that will not cost you anything near this amount.
  12. by   angelad725
    It would be 13,000 for the program if we did not work for the state for 1 year. We only paid a total of 1,000+ and that was basically for our uniforms and books. We work for one year for the State because they are basically letting us go to school for free, and it is an accredited program where we can transfer credits to other colleges. A bonus of working for the state for one year, is that after 6 months of working for them they will pay full tuition for your college education if you want to continue on to get your RN or BSN, and that is what I plan to do. So I pretty much will get a free education, to me that dosen't sound bad for working for the state for one year.
  13. by   coastiegal
    Our LPN program here in NC is 3 semesters including the clinicals which start in the Fall and end in the summer. We will go to school M-Thu though. I am hoping to hear something soon as to whether or not they accepted me in the program.
  14. by   Godswill
    The LPN program am in, is 18 months and the total cost for the 18 months is almost 2500, I would not pay 13,000 for LPN, i could go to RN school ADN or BSN out here for less than that. that seem to steep to me