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I have never posted on here before but have been a long time reader ever since I decided to become a nurse about a year ago. I decided to go to LPN school, got accepted, and started classes a little... Read More

  1. by   supernurse65
    You need to do something that fulfills you personally and you will succeed in all tat you do
  2. by   Curious1alwys
    I really know how you feel.

    I am opposite of you though. When I started school I was worried that I did not have the compassion for people that I should have to be successful as a nurse. After three semesters I now have seen enough suffering that I have tons of compassion but wonder if I will ever be able to make a difference in the current state of nursing. Plus, I find myself just always wanting to talk with the patients...make them feel better somehow...but now I see that nurses don't have the time!! I also wonder if I have the skill to work with my hands. Never thought about that before getting in. I always thought that if you had the brains the ability with the technical skills would come with time and practice. I wonder if I will forever feel nervous and clumsy.

    If I followed what was "in my heart" I suppose that would be something exercise oriented. But, I wouldn't be able to find a job!! Plus, I don't know that I wouldn't grow tired of doing the same type of work forever. Nursing appealed to me because you can always change to something new.

    I knew I'd make a good living in nursing but never thought I'd be rich. Now, I see that nurses don't get paid anywhere near what they are worth and they put up with a lot of BS. That is also discouraging.

    Being in school, in clinicals, really opens your eyes to the field. You are really naive before you get into nursing school. And STILL naive to some extent when you get out and the real learning begins. I just hope there are aspects that seem to get better...

    I am in the group that is pushing onward to get my degree. I am hoping that I end up being pleasantly suprised by the actual work when I get out of school but if I don't, well, I can alwys pursue something else. It'll never hurt to have the degree. That is my feeling. But it is hard to push through school when you aren't sure. Really hard.

    Good Luck to you in whatever you decide!!
  3. by   MIA-RN1
    I am not sure how old you are but when I was 20 I started nursing school, got all the prereq's and sciences done, and did one and a half out of four clinical semesters and realized that it was not for me. I quit school, got a job, did the whole raising of the family thing.
    Later on, I realized that maybe I wanted to investigate nursing again....and I graduated a few months ago and obtained my RN.
    My 16 years off of school gave me the life lessons and the maturity that I needed to pursue this career with all my heart.
    You may need more time. So stop if you feel its right to stop and don't call yourself a quitter. You are not a quitter because if you were, you'd have stopped looking for what you want to do and just settled.
    Nursing may or may not come back into your field of vision someday. If not, oh well, you are just continuing on your path.
    Good luck in whatever you decide.