I think I want to do nursing...

  1. I am a high school senior and I think I might want to go into this field. I used to want to do medicine but I realized its not worth going into that much debt and I want to do many things in my youth instead of studying(I want to go working abroad, get married young, have time for family, etc.). I feel like nursing will allow me to do this. The thing that turns me off if how burnt out the nurses seem. My mother is a nurse and when she comes back from work, she looks so tired. She works night shift. I feel so bad for her and I feel like she holding the pain inside. Seeing my mother like this makes me not want to be a nurse sometimes. I plan to hopefully work in an outpatient setting or a small clinic instead of a hospital in God's will. What advice do you have to a senior who might be thing of this career? I am also enrolled in a CNA course. Can you guys give me advice on how to deal with cleaning poop, pee, throw up. How did you get over it?
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  3. by   Asystole RN
    You will get out of nursing what you want out of nursing.

    There are many burnt-out, angry, bitter nurses with many of them posting here (just kidding!) but there are many very happy and satisfied nurses as well.

    Go for it. Don't mess around and waste time, just get your BSN and be done with it. To be 22-23, single, making decent money, working 3 days a week would be amazing.

    Don't think you have to work bedside your entire career either, nursing is an umbrella term that encompasses many, many specialties. Wife works from home, I work in a corporate setting, friends work in hospitals.
  4. by   Here.I.Stand
    Very sound advice. ^^^

    I too took the CNA class as a senior in high school, and this is how I learned to deal with the body fluids: I told myself that someday I may need help with these things. How would I feel about some teenager cleaning me...I would want to be treated with dignity, right? Plus at the time I had six living grandparents (divorce and remarriage) -- they weren't at that point physically, but I would want them treated with dignity. And so, I chose to treat the residents in my care with dignity.

    It doesn't hurt that I have a naturally strong stomach. I practiced my face in the mirror too, for situations that were smellier than usual. Hey, nowadays there are a wealth of zit popping videos on YouTube to practice a calm face with.
  5. by   loriangel14
    I wouldn't think it was a bad thing if your Mom looks tired. I'm tired to after a 12 hour night but that doesn't mean I'm burnt out . I'm just tired and ready for bed.