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Imagine that you're the NightShift Supervisor and have been for quite awhile with all linens, medical supplies, residents rooms, exit doors,and entry door keys for access, locking or security when... Read More

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    Originally posted by betts
    I've some sad news; the resident, succumbed to their illnesses, and ...

    Rest In Peace, Friend...
    Definitely in a better place now..
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    NO!NO!NO! I said NO! Do Not Quit on my behalf, you're Caregivers and what about the Residents? They can't quit and walk out,they depend on you; I'll be fine.
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    Of course we all feel badly for the residents but I think they left for their own behalf too! Let's face it Betts, a supervisor like yourself comes along very rarely. I'm sure your staff was aware they were next on the hit parade especially with no one there to defend them, sadly, for doing the right thing. It is a real catch 22 though isn't it? I'd hazard a guess that they wouldn't be able to stomach the conditions that were bound to ensue. They saw what quality leadership and supervision was.
    Did you call OSHA? IS there any angle you could use there? Staff or patient safety???
    Just a thought...
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    Sent to Tommy Thompson

    Subj: Nursing Shortage?
    Date: 5/16/2002 9:33:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    From: Betts8753
    To: hhs.mail@hhs.gov

    Mr. Thompson,
    Please take the time to read this.

    I Said... 'huh?' (Post# 1)

    Imagine that you're the Nightshift Supervisor and have been for quite awhile with all linens, medical supplies, residents rooms, exit doors, and entry door keys for access, locking or security when suddenly their aren't any keys and the above doors are inaccessible too you?
    Imagine that you're responsible for 170 residents, 15 too 25 nursing staff and several of those in your care are Trachs all using misters, one with MRCA, cancer of the throat and he suddenly goes into distress with the medical supply room locked.
    Imagine that you've made several calls trying to attain the keys for immediate entry with NO Call Backs and the nurse responsible for this residents direct care is in a panic as this resident is literally suffocating and close to Resp.Distress and the other residents are in need of sterile solution for their Trachs, but you've no access other that breaking into the supply room.
    Imagine that you've reported same to the Nursing Consultants as well as the Administrator with the response being; "Why didn't you wait for Resp.Distress and then 911 him out?"
    Imagine calling Corporate Headquarters and explaining this and they agreed with your decision which saved the residents life; not too mention that it protected your License, and told to ask for a 'Peer review' since the Administrator put you on indefinite suspension for "Destruction of Property."
    Imagine attending the 'Peer Review' with witnesses notarized statements as well as them present; a notarized statement with the witness present that the Administrator had kicked-in the DONs door for paperwork and told it was all irrelevant because they wanted the 'Names' of those directly responsible for the door damage which you refused as you where the supervisor and instructed them to gain entry. The linen closet was entered by use of a credit card but the Medical Supply room had several dead-bolts and was unattainable with a credit card.
    Imagine that you asked of your 'Peers'; "What should I have done?", and you were told that; "You could have called other facilities in the area requesting the needed medical supplies."


    You explain that that was unethical since the facility had the necessary medical supplies and according to the Social Security Act, all doors should have been accessible; not too mention the embarrassment the Corporation would have to contend with and the State Investigation that most certainly would follow, which it did with several 'G' tags and others given.
    Imagine that you're Terminated and asked to sign a 'Write-up' at the close of the 'Peer Review' admitting to destruction of property or sabotage of facility?
    Imagine that in your long career as a RN you've never, ever been written-up, too have this shoved in your face. You refused to sign; your terminated!
    Imagine receiving a 'Certified Letter' with the write-up enclosed stating that you admitted to destruction or sabotage but refused to sign.
    Imagine contacting the Ombudsman, Health Professions Bureau, ANA, VNA, local paper and all agreed with what you did but saying they couldn't do anything about it.

    'HUH?' SAY WHAT?

    Imagine contacting an attorney and being told it's a 'TORT' issue which may take several years and that you also had a good cause for a 'Libel Suit,' but...

    Imagine that the facility in question lost not just the supervisor but CNA's, LPN's, RN's, ADON and DON next due in part to their total disregard for the residents care and staffing needs which you made it a point too express to the Administrator on numerous occasions only to be told that they had NO Authority to hire or address the issues which your response was to ask if they were primarily there as 'A SEAT WARMER'.


    Imagine calling in for three days to make sure you're not scheduled and find out you're scheduled for Monday Evening with a question mark.
    Imagine calling the Administrator the third day to ask how long the 'Indefinite Suspension' is and being told then that you're fired because they don't need a 'Supervisor' that destroys property.

    Imagine that it's the 'Striker Plate Jam' that's broken and you find it cost them less than $100 whereas the 911 would have cost Thousands.

    Imagine that during the whole 'Peer Review' that their only concern was the door and not once was the resident brought into question.

    Imagine that the Health Professions Bureau informs you that if the resident had gone into Resp. Distress that your license would or could be suspended, pending investigation.

    Imagine that a facility considers a door more important than another's life.

    Imagine that you've the personal coverage that would have paid for the door.

    Imagine a VP in the Corporation telling you that if you questioned the findings of the 'Peer Review,' you may ask and get his investigation which would be final but after you do, a few days later his secretary calls and says he doesn't do that.

    Imagine the attorney you spoke with stating that under the circumstances you'd win hands down and get whatever you asked for then calling to say it didn't go your way and your attorney saying; "UNBELIEVABLE", but...

    Imagine fighting Corporate $$$ over the next two or three years and being told; "If they pay".


    Please go to https://allnurses.com and read the responses, the topic heading: I Said...huh?

    20/20, CNN, FOX, have been contacted as well as Dateline and I will 'Speak-Out' about this atrocity and total disregard for the Resident, Residents, and Staff by the 'Corporate Braintrust.' We want action as this Corporation has already been Put-Out-of-Business in one State so why are they allowed a License to practice the same as before in other States?
    You want the "TRUTH" about why there's a shortage; go to above and read firsthand how we feel and what's being done to us.
    It's time to talk to us the Caregivers.
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    Subj: RE: Nursing Shortage?
    Date: 5/16/2002 9:34:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    From: HHS.Mail@hhs.gov
    To: Betts8753@aol.com
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    Thank you for contacting the Department of Health and Human Services. If
    you wish to receive a reply, please send your letter by postal mail to the
    following address:

    Secretary Tommy G. Thompson
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    200 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 639-G
    Washington, DC 20201
  6. by   Jenny P
    Betts, I've been digging through my nursing magazines and I finally found the artical I've been looking for for you (sorry, they weren't in order). RN magazine, April, 2002, Legally Speaking column, pp61-62: The Legal Landscape of Long Term Care by Janet K. Feldkamp, RN,BSN,LNHA,JD. She is a nurse attorney in Columbus ,Ohio with Benesch, Frieddlander, Coplan & Aronoff, LLP.

    She states in the article that the Centers for Medicare and Mediaid Services (CMS, formerly known as HCFA) oversees state regulators who do the on-site surveys. The survey team evaluates a facility using procedures to assess compliance with federal requirements and the quality of care provided.If problems are significant the regulators may impose a fine of up to $10,000 per day for a deficiency that either caused or had the potential to cause serious harm or death. And that a facility that fails to take corrective action may lose Medicare and medicaid certification.

    There are several agencies listed in the bibliography that may also be helpful to you.

    And maybe the author would also be able to point you in the right direction here.

    Take heart; I think that this is horrible but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. I also think it would be neat if we could all come and do some "informational picketing" in front of this place. I would gladly wear a sign saying "This corporation cares more for doors than people"; or "hey, they fired the staff that cared for people here; who's caring for your loved ones now?" Informational picketing is very effective; especially when the media is aware that it is going to happen ahead of time so they can put it on the news.
  7. by   fedupnurse
    Maybe all of us should write to Tommy Thompson and find out why State DOH's are being paid ff by the suits. Clear violations are being ignored. What do you think? You guys game?
  8. by   zumalong
    Betts--I am sending a copy of the letter that sleepyeyes wrote. I have added a note at the end:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Suppose your mother is in a nursing home. It's late at night. Suddenly, she can't breathe; she's fighting for air. Look at your watch now and time your response because your mother literally has less than 10 minutes to live.

    There's a nurse on duty who knows how to help Mother breathe, BUT the supplies are LOCKED in a room where the nurse cannot get them.

    The nurse needs to act FAST. What should she do?

    She calls the Keeper of the Keys at home. No answer.
    Call 9-1-1? Response time: 10-15 minutes. Mother won't last.
    Break open the door to the supplies? Response Time: 3 minutes.

    Which would you choose? Which gets the faster, more reliable result? How would YOU have saved Mother's life?

    OK. Time's up.

    In this case, Mother wins because the nurse broke open the supply room door and got the supplies that kept Mother alive.

    OK, next question:

    What should the headline to this story read?




    (B) That's right, B is correct.

    Yes, you read it right: The nursing home that locked the supply room refused to give the keys to the nurse who could use them to save lives, then fired the caregiver who actually did save someone's life.

    Why was the nurse fired?
    Ans: She was "not a team player." Because she made the nursing home "look bad" with her complaint to the State.

    Why wasn't the nursing home fined by the State?
    Ans: Because all the witnesses were so horrified that they quit and were never questioned by the State investigators. Because the nursing home covered up. A lot.

    Why wasn't the patient's family notified of this event?
    Ans: Silly, it's unethical to tell the family; all nurses know that. It's part of having a nursing license.

    OK. Last question, then you can all go home and get a good night's rest:

    When's the last time you visited your loved one in that nursing home? In the middle of the night?


    This incident actually happened to a friend of mine. I have been in nursing for over 15 years and I wish I could say I am speechless, but I can't. I have seen so many practices that should not have been--they are not by NURSES who care about their patients--they are by CORPORATE America who cares nothing for you or your loved ones health or safety.

    Please look into this incident in Virginia.

    Sincerely Cheryl Long BS RN

    I think we all need to contact 60 minutes or nightline or any news show--or all of them--and bombard them with our letters from all over the country. That will make someone take action. The worst thing about going public is that they always present us nurses as the problem ---not the solution.

    If there is anything else you would like me to do please let me know.:kiss :kiss
  9. by   chrisrob
    i cannot belive what i'v read today i hope you canget it sorted out best of luck
  10. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    Maybe all of us should write to Tommy Thompson and find out why State DOH's are being paid ff by the suits. Clear violations are being ignored. What do you think? You guys game?
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by betts
    Ready for a good-one? I've had several interviews in Florida and have made all interviewers aware of what happened concerning my termination from 'The Facility", each and everyone present at the Interviews; Administrator, Corporate VP and whomever responded the same; "That doesn't surprise me, and that's why they're not here in Florida anymore". LOL
    I was hoping something like this would happen on your behalf...this facility's reputation precedes them and your good name will cancel out any negative thing they may say about you...

    Similar thing happened to me in a hospital as a new supervisor.( new supervisors make GREAT fall guys for inept organizations)..I was set up to be a scapegoat, a 'coached' peer review committee decided to report me to the BON. I won at the BON level as I was confident my decision was IN THE BEST INTEREST OF MY PATIENT.

    It comes up in job interviews but goes in my favor in the end. The only advice I can give you is don't let the bitterness fester too long...I know how much it hurts. Feel free to PM me anytime if you want to talk to someone who's 'been there'. We live and we learn don't we?

    Take care of yourself, Betts!!:kiss
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  12. by   NannaNurse
    betts....Would it be possible to provide the Corporation name or would that be 'a legal issue'??? On second thought, I think it would be a legal issue....You could give us the address, we could all show our support?
    When writing to Mr. Thompson, what reference could we use?? (This site??)

    At first, I thougt you were talking about the last LTC facility I worked at. It is so sad, but this sort of thing is happening all the time. We had a legal issue (unions) and took them to court, through the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) we won!

    You need to also apply for unemployment. Let us know what we can do to help support you on this! We need to band together and hold one-another up, we are nurses and we are proud. We are over-worked. We are under paid. We are taken for granted..... WE ARE STRONG AND WILL NOT BE SHAKEN! As a nation, we are all disgusted of the 9/11 events. We are moved to rage at the horrid acts from terrorists.....But, why in the 'heck' do some allow our people to be victimized by our OWN????
    Let us know what to do to help! Hang in there....we are thinking of you and standing right beside you:angel2:
  13. by   betts
    When writing to Tommy Thompson or anyone else,by all means,give this site and thread. You're right,it is a legal issue.
    I'm aware of this sort of thing occuring everywhere but,without a "UNITED FRONT",their's not much one or a dozen can do.

    Appreciate all postings and warm wishes.