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Imagine that you're the NightShift Supervisor and have been for quite awhile with all linens, medical supplies, residents rooms, exit doors,and entry door keys for access, locking or security when... Read More

  1. by   FritoPie
    I would also call the Better Business Bureau (if you have on there) and report the incident, they are obligated to investigate. You can also create a petition and go door to door to attain signatures once you get a decent amount send a copy of it to your state senator. I would try to get at least 10% of the total population of the city to sign the petition. Start a non-profit group and enlist volunteers to help in your efforts.

  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Imagine...........Me, investigating prospective employers like felons on a work-release program!:uhoh21: :roll

    Put all feelings aside for a second.........................What's going to happen to the residents? If a skilled, caring nurse is unable to help and comfort them for lack of admin support, what would happen if they found nurses to do their bidding?

    They must not be allowed to have patients!

    Sterilize the lot of 'em while your at it so that they can't reproduce their evil seed. ...............Well, just a thought anyway.
  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    I'm absolutely horrified.

    Please let us know what happens==it just blows me away that NO ONE CARES!!!

    What the heck is the matter with people anyway, nowadays? Has no one any intergrity anymore?

    Here's my harebrained idea (which it sounds like you already did):
    What about calling one of those nursing home injury lawyers? If nothing else, they'd have the bucks to fight the Nursing Home.

    Just a thought.

    Betts, this is just the way LTC is going lately===crazy. Before I left my last LTC job, it got so crazy so fast, I was joking to insiders that Corporate was acting like they'd all invested in nothing but Enron stock. But gawd, this is the worst thing I've heard yet.

    (((((((Hugs))))))) and prayers, and if there's anything we can help you with, just let us know.
  4. by   betts
    Imagine that I've sent letters to my reps in the State and Fed level with the same response that Virginia is a 'Employment-at-will- State' and that gives the Employer the right to fire for any or NO reason!


    I've considered talk shows and will contact 20/20 and Dateline.
    I've already contacted the DOH and haven't heard a word about it. I will prosecute them(Corporation) as an Advocate for their care.
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  5. by   zumalong
    betts--I am outraged. Doesn't anybody care in this "corporation"? I worked in a LTC facility as a supervisor for a very short time. I left because I saw too many things going on that bordered on neglect. (never had a cut and dried incident--just many potentials) Decided that I did not need the risk to my license since it was a perdiem position.

    I can't imagine how you must be feeling. BUt do not give up. This type of care must be addressed by the public. Why not write a letter to the editor of all the area papers. Call as many people in legislature as you can. (you get more if you call directly instead of emailing. I like 20/20. THey need to do an expose on care of our elderly in nursing homes. That shows that NURSES are trying to help and being thrwarted at every turn.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep us informed.
  6. by   betts
    Thank You!

    While we cannot always reply to each and every message sent to us, rest assured that we will read your e-mail. 20/20
  7. by   betts
    Subj: Nursing Shortage
    Date: 5/13/2002 8:53:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    From: Betts8753
    To: dateline@nbc.com
  8. by   betts
    fedupnurse and all associates,
    Where I live(lived) is nick-named the 'Bedroom' of DC. Virginia is the private playground of those that make the laws.
    It's literally the 'Federal Pen' for employees(tv,cable,golf courses,etc) but no job security. It truly is for Lovers; Lover's of Freedom of Expression; Lover's of Freedom of Speech; Lover's of Civil Rights; Lover's of what the Constitution Stands for... This is my revenge, this pitiful declaration. I've NO ill-will towards the people here, just the law makers. Virginia has some of the best nursing programs in the country; Period! I often wonder(lately) if they also have Unethical courses being the State Labor Laws are so archaic. I know that's pessimistic but I needed to vent.

    I'm not one to give-in or give-up when it comes to issues involving the humane treatment of anyone or the caregivers giving the treatment. I'm a Professional; we are Professionals; and I'm not going to take this lying down!

    Vent over but rest assured, I'll not let this slide. My husband had a shirt made for me that states; "I give what cares and I care what's given...I'm a Healthcare Professional".

    I love my man!
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  9. by   Jenny P
    Betts, I've just read this thread and I am shocked and dismayed that you are being ignored by the Dept. of Health there in Virginia. Have you gone to the State Attorney General Office? Your letters need to be written from the point of patient safety; go over Virginia's laws about locked doors in health care facilities and show where the facility violated each one of those laws.

    And have you gone to the patients' family? I know that MAY BE UNETHICAL, but by approaching them in such a way that shows you are concerned about the patients' safety and you want that patient moved to a safer facility, it may get the publics' attention faster than "the nurse who was fired for destroying property" is getting attention.

    I feel bad for you but I've never worked in a right to work state and (hopefully) never will. Are you a member of ANA? They have a work advocacy program for memebers in right to work states that might be able to give you some info.

    I don't have any other words of wisdom for you. I'm sorry that you are going through this and I shall keep you in my prayers (and those poor patients at that facility, too).
  10. by   betts
    Peeps Mcarthur,
    They did find nurses that are 'Game Players', they consisted of my 'Peer Review'.
  11. by   betts
    Update... I've learned(was told) that the associates involved in the 'Peer Review' in question were coached and that the Administrator went around telling everyone if they talked to State, they'd be fired!

    Notarized documents in hand.
  12. by   betts
    I'm being remiss here; State contacted me and took my statement while investigating the facility in question.
  13. by   rncountry
    Betts, I was fired from a LTC facility after I reported patient abuse as well as falsification of charting. The whole story is long, seedy and caused me enough outrage to last a lifetime. Prior to me reporting it to the state I had went to my administrator 3 times basicly begging him to do the right thing, first time I was told he didn't know how to do it, I told him I would be happy to walk him through it. Second time I was told he would but since we were outside of the reporting time he was trying to figure out how to do it without causing too much of a problem. Third time he and the number two in corporate held up a paper on the desk telling me the state had cleared them and would not be coming in because my investigation was done so well. I guess they thought the flattery would work. It didn't I gave a deadline to have it done, and was suspended pending investigation the following day for----patient abuse. I had to go through an investigation by the state board and defend myself and my license. It worked out in my favor, but it took a year and a half. I also sued under the whistleblower act in Michigan. After the year and a half the corporate settled. After taxes, because it was considered back wages, lawyer fees and the pittance the attorney settled for I got just under $4000. I bought my sister a used car for $2000 and gave her the rest in cash. To me it was blood money, I didn't want it, I wanted someone to pay dearly for what had happened the residents and to myself. In the end the administrator was let go, the district manager was let go as well as Mr. number two at corporate. Administrator easily found another job, district guy moved back to PA, and good ole number two is now an administrator at the worst nursing home in Battle Creek Michigan.
    The only way I knew what to do in my case was a complete accident. Two days after I was fired I was at a doctor's appointment for one of my kids and picked up a Newsweek, in the section called my turn I found an article by a nurse in Mass. named Barry Adams. He had gone through some similar things and it was only through contacting the National Labor Relations Board was he able to be walked through what he needed to do. I followed that lead, the NLRB gave me a list of attorney's in my area to speak to. I think it would be wise for you to give them a call. They will likely have some resources for you. If you are not familiar with who Barry Adams is then please do a search and you will likely find him. You can also go to the Massachusetts Nurse Association web site and read about who he is. Please understand you are not alone in this kind of ********. Another resource to consider is the magazine put out by the California Nurses Association, Revolution. I would be willing to bet they would be very interested in printing your story. Don't expect the big news media outlets to give a damn, I wrote all of them. Don't expect much from your senators or congress either, I wrote mine too. The other avenue to look at is reporting the conditions to the state as a complaint, as well as contacting your state omsbudsman.
    I may also have some other resources for you, currently a friend of mine is going through a process in AZ. His dilemma is connected to his union activities that have been frowned on heavily not only by the hospital but also by the Arizonia Nurse Association.
    If nurses that have had this type of crap happen to them would unite together we could be an amazing force for change. The problem is that our own associations are not willing to acknowledge this stuff happens without it being somehow your fault. That doesn't preclude you from taking other activists ways. What happened to me was the first brick in the wall that made me become an activist. The death of my father under circumstances that shouldn't have happened with overwhelmed nurses who had too many patients, and working at a place that refused to let me have a leave to go to Tennessee to take care of him, leading me to walk out in the middle of the day to never return, was the next brick.
    Currently after dealing with a sick mom, sick stepdad and insurance issues I opted to quit trying to fight this **** through my nurses association, I don't care about unions, that will take too long to affect nationwide change, I have spent time talking with my political party of choice and will be participating with them on healthcare issues. Will it make a huge difference? Doubtful, at least immediately, but I am young and have enough anger to last me many years. I will keep plugging away until the appropriate change occurs. I hope you join the small group of nurse activists who are doing this.
    But in any case, please call the National Labor Relations Board, call the state, call your omsbudsman and write a letter to the editor, you may ask to have your name not printed if you like. I urge you to not give up. I was fired in 1998, and I am as fired up about it all as I was then. The difference is that I am not spinning my wheels anymore, or going 50 different directions. I don't have flighty anger I have cold methodical anger. Did I mention one of the patients abused was 105 years old, couldn't move on her own, begged people to just leave her alone? She ended up with a broken clavicle, a hemotoma on her cheekbone and a laceration on her forehead. She never recovered from the incident and died a couple months later. I worked in the small community I live in and grew up in, small and rural. Some of the people I took care of were friends of my grandparents. No matter what I could not abandon these people.
    I now have a wonderful job, am very respected in it and am happy. I make nearly ten dollars more an hour too. But never do I forget what someone did to my patients and tried to do to me. And never will I just go back to my life the way it was, because I decided that I will and must continue to be an advocate for my patients and for my profession. No more nurse patsy's.
    I look forward to how this works out for you, even three years down the way.