I need your help!! :-)

  1. This Student nurse needs some of you experienced nurses to help me help a diabetic.

    The daughter of a friend of mine is a brittle diabetic. She is only 29 yo. She already has some peripheral neuropathy and gastro paresis. Her "normal" fasting BS's are 200 and most of the time even higher. They are having real trouble with her insulin dosages anyway, but the gastro paresis is complicating things even more. Her Dr. has suggested a pancreatic transplant. She is afraid of the surgery.

    Can you help me find some links that will tell her truthfully about the risks and the prognosis of those having had this surgery?
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  3. by   Genista
    I found these on a search engine (can't say they are the best sites, but I found them):



    My questions for you are: did the MD discuss risk/prognosis (they should have). Is the MD an endocrinologist? Maybe your friend's daughter might want a second opinion? Make sure this patient has their questions answered. She should not proceed unless she completely understands risks vs benefits and agrees this is what she wants to do. If it isn't clear, then have her doc explain it better (or get the second opinion).

    I hope she finds the answers she is looking for! Good luck.
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  4. by   caliotter3
    Agree w/kona 2. She needs a second or even third opinion. Also look for a nursing diabetic educator, she/he might be able to help. BTW I am symptomatic for DM, have been telling my doc for almost 2 yrs, this, she almost ignores me. I have had hypertension episodes for ten yrs, have mentioned this on every physical since, my doctor acted like I had never told her when she finally made the decision to put me on med (my BP happened to be through the roof when she checked it, finally). I am ready to change docs or start going for second opinions all the time. Too bad I'm uninsured!