I need some help with terms

  1. I am looking into state and local jr colleges, and all the college programs are confusing me. I am planing on going to school for my CNA then my RN after. So far ive seen colleges that have CNA, Medical assistant, and Medical Assistant with limited x-ray programs. Are they the same thing or is one better then the other? I'm also unsure the difference between a LPN RN and BSN.
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    Check out stickied posts top of this forum:
    Glossary of Nursing and Medical degrees and certifications
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    the first step you are looking to take is to become a cna. you might want to check out the posts on this forum for cnas on allnurses:
    then, check out this thread that has a complete list of the cna registries in the u.s. on that forum. by going to the website of the cna resgistry of the state in which you live, you can find out how to become a cna. some of the states list the places that have cna training programs, others don't. sometimes you just have to call the state office.