I need help with a class assignment.

  1. Our instructor has ask us to go on line and ask some qustions about nurses crossing the line. Such as warning signs that the professional relationship is becoming unprofessional. Is there anything wrong with becoming personally involed with a client. If anyone wants to chime in please do so. Thanks for your help with my assignment.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Yes, it's very wrong. It's unethical, just like it's not ethical to take care of a family member. You cannot give the best of yourself if you cross the lines of professionalism.

    Someone else on here asked the same question, are you in the same class?
  4. by   mtdnk
    A great article to help you is :
    Legally speaking. When patient care gets too personal., By: Stevens J, RN, 00337021, November 1, 1998, Vol. 61, Issue 11.
    Breaching the bounds of good conduct changes the nurse-patient relationship. Knowing when and why lines are crossed will help keep the relationship healthy and your professionalism intact
    Given the imbalance of power in any caregiver-patient relationship, it's never appropriate to become romantically involved with a current patient. Doing so could lead to charges of sexual misconduct--even if the patient initiated the relationship or was a willing participant.
    It is never appropriate, for instance, to have a business relationship with your patient--to have him do your taxes, for example.Neither is it appropriate to accept an unusually valuable gift from a patient or a patient's family member, say, in appreciation for your care. Similarly, you shouldn't give your patient any presents.
    There is more in this article, and several other articles that will provide you important information.
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  5. by   CaseManager1947
    MTDNK, great article reference!! I agree, professional relationships should stay just that. Personal relationships with clients are not appropriate--period.