I need advice, please help me!!!!!

  1. I am a current CNA of 4yrs. I have been working for my RN and have completed half of my pre-reqs. I got sick last year and was badly sick for about 6months before they diagnosed me and had my gal bladder removed. Ever since my surgery I seem to get sick when I get stressed out (which isn't a good thing going into nursing school, i know.) My problem is I have no one to lean on financially so I am forced to work while I go to school.I have decided to go to the LPN program this fall and further my education later. I'm a good student but my grades aren't perfect grades from where I have to work so much, so it's hard for me to get scholarships. My schedule for this fall is nursing class 8-3 mon thru fri. And for work right now I am planning on doing 12 hr shifts on weekends and a few hours through the week when possible. But I'm afraid that is still going to make me too run down and sick everyonce in awhile from running 7days a week and not having a day to catch up. Does anyone know of any possibilities I can turn to? I have thought about signing a contract with a hospital or somewhere, but you have to be an employee and although I live in Cleveland right now I have plans of moving to knoxville and getting married within the year that I graduate. Any ideas at all???????

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  3. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Talk to your school's financial aid counselor and see what they suggest first. I recently quit my job in a medical office so I could qualify for more money for student loans and also got a couple grants and my life is alot less stressed now. Apply for anything you can get and see what happens. Good luck to you. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough. Keep us posted and remember you can always come here to let off some steam, k?
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    Good suggestions.
  5. by   mystc42
    Thanks, I haven't had a chance to talk with anyone yet, I'm waiting on some test results to come back still. I'm hoping everything works out ok. I will just have to wait and see and hope there is some kind of program out there that can help me out
  6. by   Agnus
    navynurse29, gave the best advice. Don't assume that scholarships are hard to get. Many (most) are based on need. Also, check with your employer's HR department. It just migh be that they will pay all or part of your tuition. Assume nothing. It is rare today that anyone who employs CNAs does not have a tuition program. There may also be scholarships available through your work. Do not assume that you will have to sign a contract with them to get it.
    There are loan programs out there that even if you did not qualify for a regular student loan you could still get a non conventional loan to carry you through school (the only way you would not qualify for a conventional one is if you made too much. Which is unlikely)

    Please, please, go to your school financial aid office and please check with your employer.

    You many abhore the idea of a loan but once you have your license it will be a lot easier to handle the payments which generally do not start until 6 months after graduation.