I need a cancer patient- Oncology care assignment

  1. Hello,
    I need to interview a cancer patient for an oncology care assignment and I'm wondering if anyone on here would be available or have an idea of how I go about finding someone to interview. Our instructors have left it up to us.
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  3. by   MrsHarrison0526
    when do you need it by? or should i say does it have to be like face to face? my mom was dx'ed with cancer in 2001, in nov. of 2005 they said it was terminal and they gave her 4-6 months to live, she is still her, got to see me get married 6 mths ago, anyways to the point, if you can just put the questions on here i can ask them to her and get her answers?

    Hope that helps
  4. by   mom4josh
    If you could post the questions here, I could possibly ask one of my patients for you. PM me if you'd like.
  5. by   donsterRN
    I'm a cancer survivor x2 years.

    PM me if you want; I'll be happy to help.
  6. by   ginger58
    Doesn't your area have oncology services?