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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I feel so hurt for a while...and I thought I would go around searching for resources about nursing. I just want to know if you fail a nursing school, will other school... Read More

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    You have received a lot of good advise. As you can see there are a lot of people who failed the first time and came back. This same thing happened to me in my diploma school. I had to come back the next year with the new class and repeat the first year. But, I was given another chance. In the meantime, I worked as a nurses aide and realized that nursing was really what I wanted to do.
    I came back the next year with a new attitude. I realized I never really studied in high school and brought very poor study habits with me to nursing school. Even the best students have to study, study study. It is hard work.
    It was in the late 70's when I was in a diploma nursing school. We had dorms and lived there all week, only going home on weekends. Sometimes I stayed in the dorm all weekend just to focus and study. My favorite group had a song called "angry young man". I am not a man but the song did a lot to motivate me. I made a poster with words from this song, "Get up, get back on your feet, you're the one they can't beat and you know it. Come on, lets see what you've got, just take your best shot and DON"T BLOW IT"
    I looked at that poster in my room every day of nursing school, I found the motivation to be the best I could be, and I ended up with A's and B's all through school. Find your motivation and get back into school. If there is an instructor who you like a lot, talk to him or her and see how they can help you. Good luck to you.
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    (((hugs))) i am soooo sorry that you are going through this. while i have never failed a class, other than algebra....before nursing school, i am now going back to nursing school for a 3rd time!!

    my hubby was in the air force, and i have been in an lpn program...felt disgraced and felt like i was "better than that"...i was young and knew nothing. so i transferred to a bsn program. i did lots of pre-reqs and then we had to move!! so, i transferred yet again to an adn program as the bsn program was frozen, early 90's. so, i finally got into the bsn program there, and had to re-take many classes again, because of labs, and guess what?? we moved again!!!

    well, now i will be 41 in june, and i will be starting an lvn program in june. finally!! it seems it is really going to happen. i look back now and see how foolish i was. if i had just stuck with the lpn program, i would more than likely be an rn now. i let others make me feel bad about myself, and i allowed them to steal my dreams.

    don't let others tell you what you should do, or to rob you of your dreams!!!

    my husband is wonderful and told me that at least i won't be 65 one day and say, "i could be a nurse right now, but i never went for it". i was good too, i worked in a hospital right out of high school, and wished i had not "pissed away" my parent's money that first year in college. now that college has one of the top nursing programs in the state of ga, and i wished i knew then what i know now!!

    well, right after my lvn program, the rn program starts in july 08, so no matter what, i will do this. i finally feel committed, and doing it for me, i am more mature, and my kids are now in college, so the guilt i had of not being there for them is gone.

    i love the quote one of the posters wrote above...."the pain of pursuing your goal weighs only an once, but the pain of regret for not doing what you really want to do in life weighs a ton."

    god bless you, and remember, nothing worth anything is easy, and god will never let you down!!! you can do this and all college is perserverence....so just go for it!!!! you can find another program...and for whatever reason, this program was just not for you!!

    thinking of you,

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    What's biting you, the exams or the clinicals?
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    10 years ago, I started a two year nursing program. I failed the first semester, like you, I was not focused. Last year I started nursing school, I am now getting excellent grades. I have found ways to organized myself and changed my old study habits. I started to record the lectures and read the book. I am determine, I will not fail nursing school again.

    Remember this.........A dream without action is hallucination..........
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    Quote from mammaoftwo
    Is LPN School that much easier? How come when someone can't make it in RN school, people suggest LPN school? I'm just really curious about this one. It's almost like well, if you can't be a RN, then become an LPN and I honestly don't understand that. Would someone please explain??

    I went to an LPN Program because after I tried other RN Programs so many times over a period of one year....I gave up! The LPN Program required a good entrance exam scores and a good interview result....and that was all I needed to get in.... I graduated from the LPN Program in 1999, and passed the NCLEX-PN 3 months later. I worked my way up, and graduated from an RN Program in 2003. Now...I am an RN.... And now you know the rest of the story.
    I am sure some other people have some other reasons to get into the LPN Programs. Anyhow, I am not looking down on the LPN.
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    Quote from mammaoftwo
    Is LPN School that much easier? How come when someone can't make it in RN school, people suggest LPN school? I'm just really curious about this one. It's almost like well, if you can't be a RN, then become an LPN and I honestly don't understand that. Would someone please explain??


    I want you to know that some of the BEST nurses that I have ever met have been LPN's. I mean no disrespect. Just as doctorate programs are taught at a certain level and baccalaureate programs are taught at a lesser level, so LPN's are taught at a different level to RN programs. I am NOT saying that the LPN program is easy, but it does look at nursing from another point of view. Maybe it would help the OP to understand nursing better to go up the stepping stones of nursing one step at a time.
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    I don't know if you could audit a couple of the classes that you failed, and then start again If not, you can apply to another school, and usually if they are concerned about previous poor grades, they will ask you to take an aptitude test, and look at your scores on the national tests like ACT, etc. If you do well on the aptitude test, and it suggest that nursing is the field for you, they will usually admit you on a trial type basis that lets you continue as long as you maintain a certain given average. Or a two year junior college that looks at the placement scores only, as they accept GED and anybody who has a Diploma or GED. Sometimes it is not failure of knowledge, but application. Good luck with your hopes and dreams.
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    Hey. You hang in there. I know that nursing is so hard! I am currently in an ADN program at a technical college and I am stuggling with getting the grades I get! I was so dependent upon getting A's all the time and now I am happy if I drive home with a passing grade!! Maybe nursing isn't your true passion and maybe you should focus on another part of the medical field. I know that I have always had a passion for becoming a physician assistant or a doctor and I am finding it super hard to concentrate on the nursing aspect. I have such a hard time studying because I do not know what a nurse exactly does. It is so difficult knowing what to study and how to study. I do wait until the last minute to study, and I know this is not helping me. You can do this, you have overcome a lot and I think with your self esteem at this moment, you are going to find that nursing is more difficult than it seems. Can you possibly review tests with your professor? Actually another thing that I found works would be looking at your notes that were from lecture and looking at the chapters in the books you were given. Sometimes, depending on the teacher, they will only test you on a certain portion. I know that my teacher only tests us on what she says in lecture! It sometimes is disappointing because I do not pay attention considering lecture is early in the morning and than I have to go to work later! I also have no experience as being a nurse and I am the only one in my class that has no nursing experience. This is a downfall. Do you have any experience? All I can say to you is find your passion and go with it. What do you really want to do in life? Maybe nursing is your calling, and maybe it is not. You seem to be an intelligent person and I know if you develop the self confidence needed, you can do anything you want, you just might need to work a little harder in a field that you have no experience in. You hang in there...
    Thoughts and prayers go out to you....
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    As of today I failed the nursing program. As I'm writing this to reply toward how much you thought about a failure you are this is VERY DIFFICULT!

    What I am about to tell you next is going to hurt but I won't BS you with comments that comes from my morality or values or beliefs.

    I think you and I have discovered that WEAKNESS in our life.

    This weakness have broken you and me and vividly we both have NOT met what is expected.

    I wasn't expected to fail from nursing program. It wasn't because I didn't pass theory or med error. In fact, if you knew me as your classmate you will find it shocking that I am just as good as any RN as they could be. I don't have pride in anyway to tell how great I am. Rather, disturbing news in my failure is this: I did not communicate (KISS A_ _) or favorite pet of the teacher. I was not treated justly, in fact, I was taunted with comments such as (STUDENT DID HAVE TREMENDOUS EFFORT, but HE does NOT meet the objective line and passing the two clinical with MINIMAL pass. All of which involves with misunderstanding)

    If you were in my position somewhere in your mind you would access the idea to improve this communication. Sad as it is, they will NOT be able to see that unless you were their favorite student. Inter-rivalry conflict happens more than frequent time along the peers. They most often like to gossip those who are weak.

    Basically, the idea of KISSING UP to the teacher is PATHETIC. It is very poor quality to teach student how to KEEP MOUTH SHUT and DON'T SAY ANYTHING THAT will INCREASE THEIR CHANCE OF FAILURE. LAUGH A LOT TO PREVENT THAT failure.


    Perhaps, you did NOT mention this part of your problem in nursing school. Maybe there are dramatic issue that has been going on with you and your instructor that you haven't told any of us here. If so, that NEEDS to improve.

    How to improve in the society over a dramatic nursing program:

    1. How are you?! Stop being a quiet person!
    2. Compliment! Say what THEY WANT TO HEAR, you would want to say how the instructor look today. and SAY MORE about it.
    3. CONFIDENCE! Drama teaches that the STRONGEST have the most confidence!
    4. DO READ MORE NOVEL R/T romance and passion, why? SO YOU KNOW HOW TO deal with dramatic instructor.
    5. Don't SHOW YOUR TRUE FEELINGS! NEVER EXPOSE WEAKNESS or Drama will eat you like a karma.
    6. Please learn how to have fun IN KISSING UP because youre going to need lots of this to stay in the program.
    7. YES IT'S TOUGH TO BE IN A NURSING PROGRAM. But tougher to handle nursing instructor who doesn't seem pleased to certain student she does NOT like.

    A group of students got 73/75 from 39/75 in the project and thus got away with theory fine.
    A group of student received opportunity to make up HOURS with paper work but one have missed 2 days of clinical which means a fail but since she is a favorite she still stays.
    However, a day of EMAIL to inform a meeting the next morning just to say that there's NOTHING THEY CAN DO to help me to pass, that's unfair. They did not give me any probation or any warning even though they did, I did show my improvements and they recognize those. But I wasn't given another chance simply because I DID NOT SUIT in the group.

    I don't think WE ARE STRONG IN THIS AREA. I PROMISE YOU IT IS THE BIGGEST FACTOR IN MINE. and it is with you too if you did NOT LEARN from it.
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    Thank you for everyone's response. It's been more than 5 months since I failed. I was able to cope because of this website, through each of your encouragement and understanding. I realized how difficult it can be, knowing that You and me can be considered failure. WE failed, so we were failure in Nursing School. But, that's in the past. It hurts because I've never failed anything before, let alone 2 courses in the same semester. I had a chance to reflect upon myself these past few months. There simply was too much distraction during my time in nursing school due to personal reasons.

    People are going to look at you differently because you failed. But, there are those who also can give you support. This sites gave me a lot of support through difficult time.

    I think failing gave me more humility than anything. It really humbled me. I went to work at a hospital afterward and meet some very nice people. I've been working as a CNA since July, and it has been such a wonderful experience. I can't tell you how different your life would be if you were a CNA first, then a nurse later rather than just a Nurse.

    I just want to tell you that if you feel you can still be a nurse, then don't give up. Because, in January, I will be going for my ADN to be an RN. Things delayed me for one year and I will not get my BSN until I have my RN license, but that is okay.

    Don't give up, because what happened to you is in the past. Be humble about the experience. Look forward to your next opportunity to be a nurse. I also just want to tell you that each person that I've talked to, (before, during, and after nursing school) they told me how good of a nurse I'm going to become. You know what I told them? I've got to be a nurse first before I can be a good nurse.

    Like what I was taught the first semester of nursing school, grieving is a long process, it takes time to heal.
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    Quote from Mulan
    You've failed two courses and are about to fail a third?

    Have you considered another career path?

    Maybe you aren't meant to be a nurse.
    Hi. I've reread the thread and noticed your post. I failed 2 courses, not 3. Thank you for your words, but I'm meant to be a nurse and I'll be back in the nursing program again this January. No, I have not considered another career path and I don't want to.

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    Naturalized, I am so happy that you have managed to pick yourself up and get back into a nursing program. Congratulations.
    In your first post you said something about the test questions that are so different from other classes. Might I suggest that you get an nclex review book and start going over questions. That way you will not only have clinical experience with you (being a CNA) but also an understanding of how nursing questions are worded and just what type of answer are they looking for. Kaplan has a book that shows you how to break the questions down (you can get one cheep from on-line places second hand). Good luck in Nursing school.