I hate those nursing staffers!

  1. I just started working for this hospital and everyday it's an adventure because I don't know where I'm being sent. Sometimes, after I've passed all my 9am meds, they'll pull my *** out just to help other nurses on the other floors. This totally sucks!

    Oh well, I'm a newbie at this hospital. I'm just gonna have to man up and suck it up (Hoooo-ah!)
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    They wait until after you pass your 9am pills and then they move you elsewhere? That must be totally frustrating! Good luck
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm surprised that your employer is making you float like this when you're new......I'm a float too, but I'm experienced and I've worked at my hospital for several years. Not only that, I'm one of the few who actually thrives on the action---most of the other RNs think I'm crazy :chuckle Of course, there are some days, like yesterday, when I get pulled in so many directions that I wonder whether I'm supposed to scratch my watch or wind my butt, but for the most part it's a lot of fun and I never get bored.

    That said......as a new employee, you shouldn't be getting pulled everywhere like this, you need time to learn your home department's routines before you get shipped off to other units. Please speak to your nurse manager about this.......she may not even know this is happening to you, or if she does, how it's affecting you.

    Good luck.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    I agree this is frustrating. I dont understand why the managers don't see how this adversely effects patient care. They refuse to see it takes time to give report and won't give us time to catch up on things before they shuffle us around.

    I was a critical care float in a hospital with 3 units...and it got so they pulled me to all 3 in a shift...this is with critical patients mind you. They would tell me 'Oh they need you in NICU, so get over there stat...do your CCU computer charting (which includes vitals ) charting later.' Then browbeat me if I was OT trying to chart on 3 units, total of 6-8 ICU patients...after the fact.GRRR.

    I don't think that's very safe OR smart practice but they insisted I must do it. I decided to transfer to a PRN position to a sister hospital that only had ONE ICU.
  6. by   PJMommy
    Hmmmm....yes, I agree with above posters about checking with NM to see if this is par for the course. I didn't float by policy for 3 months after I finished orientation as a new grad. Everyone floats on our unit...only those who have been there for a couple decades are exempt from it. Our float dates are kept on a grid so, if someone is having to float, they decide whose turn it is. And we never float mid-shift...only at usual shift times. As a general rule, we float 2-3 times a year -- but I'm also on night shift so we are rarely overstaffed and able to send our nurses elsewhere.