I handed in 5 applications....

  1. one hospital has offered an interview. I knew I'd hear from them fast because when the Human Resource secretary saw the unit I was interested in....she said, "you'll definitately get an interview."

    How long before I should hear from hospitals?

    It's been 2 weeks since handing in all applications. I have 7 years experience. And I'm looking for positions...in areas they need help. (in which I also have experience with)

    I know 2 weeks isn't long, but with this nursing shortage I'd thought I'd at least hear from the hospital I currently work for....I put for a different position.
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  3. by   JJFROG
    I have no patience what so ever so besides giving HR my application I dropped one off at the Nurse Manager's office too. I had a mini-interview and she called HR. Sure helped to speed things up. I have heard that it sometimes takes a month for HR to get things squared away and for you to hear back from them. It definately helps to be proactive.
  4. by   sjoe
    HR does NOT have the authority to hire you.
    Talk directly to the managers of whatever units interest you.
  5. by   Nurse Hag
    it took me 2 hours and 3 app's to get my present job. Which I love and wish I had taken years ago. Nurse Hag
  6. by   PGH70
    I am convinced part of the nursing shortage is poor human resource management. That office is probably understaffed just like the rest of the hospital, and I have heard of many applications, including mine, being lost. As a nurse seeking employment, you need to follow up, just like at other jobs. It is also good advice to let the nurse managers of the unit you are interested in know that you applied for the job, and maybe that person can help you not get lost.....