I got a good feeling today.

  1. I had stepped out of the unit for a moment and when I came back, was told that a patient wanted to speak with me and only me ( another nurse and the supervisor were there and had been to see him), but he wanted me.

    Said I cared and truly listened to him and his needs. That make me feel really good and bolster my spirits some.
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  3. by   BMR I
    Hi Katie,

    What a feeling. You should be proud because, apparently you are doing something right.

  4. by   meadow85
    A sincere thank you from one person can make all the difference.
  5. by   freefalr
    yes!!! makes a huge difference, doesn't it? hearing some positive feedback from your patients?
    so glad he took the time to let you know.
    excellent work, nurse katie!! :heartbeat
    carry that thanks with you...
    (i hope he told your supervisor, too.)