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as most of you know im trying to get sponsorship for my health visitors course. I have a place at uni for sept 2004. Im unable to get sponsorship as i have not been qualified for 2 yrs (will be 18... Read More

  1. by   karenG
    you dont as a rule have to find your own mentor. If you want to be a health visitor or midwife you apply to the uni and get sponsorship from a health authority. the university allocate mentors and the HA find placements. its rare to self fund. Nurse practitioners are a little different (we would be!) you get the uni place (and I self funded for the first year) and hope that your employer will allow you study time. We are also supposed to have a mentor but that doesnt always happen either.

    most nurses are degree nurse to being with.. doing Health visiting/midwifery etc is extra! so far I have done 15 yrs worth of training... and considering doing a masters in ethics and law............have to get a life!!

    I dont understand your training system either!!