I don't miss it

  1. Hi there

    I recently left the hospital to work in a lawfirm.

    I was on the train today thinking about the hospital, etc. I don't miss it one bit. At first, I thought I might. I don't miss one thing about it.

    My new job is very busy now and stressful. But it's okay. Even if I don't stay here forever I hope I never have to be a staff nurse again.

    I never realized how stressed out and ill I was until I left. I sleep soundly all night now. I breathe better. My heartrate is normal. I'm not resentful or upset all the time anymore. I can concentrate on things. I've been reading books like crazy, because I can concentrate. My hair isn't falling out as bad. I'm eating better and I see my husband more. My week has a regular rhythm to it, work, home, work, time off. etc.

    Nursing is bad for our health. We get so used to the dysfunction that it seems normal. And it is not.

    Just wanted to throw that out there.

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  3. by   angel337
    when i read statements such as yours i can't help but feel sorry for all the nurses that have felt this way. fortunately we all don't or there would be no nurses to care for patients. i felt the same way you do now when i used to work in a bank and a lawyers office. i was an administrative assistant and it was down right horrible. the lawyers were cocky and disrespectful (sounds like doctors?) and thought we were there to just serve them. we had to take vacation when they took vacation and they showed alot of favortism toward the staff. i used to work 10-11/hr days 5 days a week and although i wasn't running around like i do in the ED it was very tiresome. so i totally understand where you are coming from. i believe that every job isn't meant for everyone and that sometimes we must find our niche. i have been in healthcare for 7 years ( a medical assistant, tech/cna and now rn) and so far i love it. right now i am off three days in a row and then i work 2 days and i am off again (i work days) so this is great especially with the summer coming. i am glad that you found something you like instead of staying in a career that made you miserable emotionally and physically. no job is worth that.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    good for you, for recognizing the problem in your life and fixing it! would that MORE of us do it, instead of sit and gripe, imagine the possiblities! I applaud you!