i can no longer survive in a nursing home

  1. i am going crazy! i can no longer survive in a nursing home. i want to work in a hospital so badly, but no one wants to hire me. is there someone within the hospital that i could harass? for those of you who are cna'sif your in a hospital how did you get there? and anyone else who could give me advice. i am trying to patiently wait to finish my phlebotomy class so i will have more trainig but i still have three weeks. i need some advice. i cant take it anymore
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  3. by   CraftyLPN
    I don't have any advice... good luck hun!!
  4. by   suehp

    The only advice I can give is keep trying and harrassing!

    I've been a Manager of a Nursing Home in the UK for nearly 10 years and petrified of going back into a Hospital enviroment. However i have managed to get a potential job offer in a Hospital in Florida where I hope to end up after i have done my NCLEX. I was up front with them before I went for an "Informal Chat" and said I didnt want to waste their time. They said I wouldnt be wastin their time.I was there 2 hours and came out feeling really positive. They said they would love to have me at their Hospital.

    Make sure your Resume is up-to-date and it looks good and just keep at it!

    Good Luck!

  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Miss JKM,

    Aren't there any ads for CNAs in the classified where you live?
    Keep filling out apps, and going in to the HR dept at hospitals and bugging them. You could find out who the director of nursing is and write a letter and send w/ an app. Do you have any letters of recommendation from nurses you've worked with?
    That will help, also.

    I worked LTC as a CNA, and LPN and an RN.

    I finally had to get out, too.
    Best of luck to you. Something will come your way!
  6. by   PhePhe
    I think Magee Rehab is hiring. They use lots of agency NAs.
  7. by   LoriB
    If you look at tenethealth.org and the other hospital's websites in Philly there are ads for CNA's under employment opportunities. Try for those.
  8. by   Zee_RN
    How long have you been a CNA in a nursing home? Maybe it's just an experience thing. I LOVED hiring CNAs from nursing homes when I was doing the hiring for my hospital. So many people would apply for Nurse Aide positions just because they had helped "take care of Grandma" when she was ill. They had no clue about taking vital signs, changing an occupied bed, aspiration precautions, etc. Then they'd get upset when I explained I couldn't hire them...they didn't realize how much training an Aide really needed!

    Nursing home CNAs were a great find! They already knew all that stuff and could pretty much step in and just have to learn the hospital routine. If you haven't been working as a CNA very long yet, it may just be a matter of time. As you gain experience, you'll be the perfect applicant for the hospital.
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I agree with all the above posters. Have you tried agency? A lot of our CNA's worked agency and then were asked by the hospital to come on as staff. That might help you get your foot in the door and help you see if you really do like hospital work.
    I feel for you, I was a nurse in LTC for years and I would NEVER go back!!! Keep trying, hon, you'll get there!