I am lost

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    I love trying to follow your discussions about the different areas of nusing within your countries - however l am lost and often confused

    In your recent discussions about LPN's etc l am forever trying to work out what you mean - - I am trying to equate them to what they would mean here in austrlaia as an equlivalent - is there a web site or previous posting that explains the abbreviations and such?

    By the way I have been unexpectedly off the air for the past couple of weeks- well not able to get to or sit at the computer -

    it has been an interesting exercise to learn what it is like on the other side of the bed- my experiences in general was that the future of nursing is good worth the care l received.

    Anyway l do hope that someone will be able to explain a little about what l am reading -

    Hope all are well and happy

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  3. by   Tookie
    Just realised cant spell - Not even Australia - sorry about that - shows the confusion levels are still high - well l am not sure how l do the spell check on this - will have to go back Brian and find it again.
  4. by   MassLPN
    Licensed Practical Nurses. I'm not sure whether Australia has an equivalent or not. Most LPN's have had a 1 year schooling program, though some have are Associate Degree programs. We have to test and be licensed in the same way RN's have to. Our scope of practice is limited, but the differences in what we can do vs. RN's has changed a lot over time.
  5. by   roden58
    LPN's are our equivalent to EN/DIV 2 nurses ranked below RN's however our duties are changing with on going legislation changes. Changes can also vary from state to state in Australia
  6. by   micro
    Hi, Sandra M. Took,

    sorry to hear you being out of the loop for a couple of weeks.....

    glad you are doing well

    it is sure a different perspective from the other side of the bedrail.............

  7. by   eldernurse
    We are conversing with people from Australia? COOL! I wonder how nursing differs in Australia? Pittsburgh, Pa, here. We are just getting into the nursing shortage that has been haunting Florida, New York and other big cities in America. Our hospital has been holding beds empty because there are not enough nurses to take care of the patients. I work in the ER and stopping the inflow of patients is somewhat more difficult.
  8. by   P_RN
    The enrolled II nurse would be fairly close. LPN is Licensed Practical Nurse. In Texas and California they are titled Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

    If you come to the chat every night (US time) we chat w/ an Australian nurse there frequently. I believe she is in Sydney (Please forgive me aus if I'm wrong) and my midnight is her 4PM the next day.