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These are some of the ways that I feel as a nurse on any given day. . . . and frankly sometimes at any given time of the day: I am a nurse. Some days I hate my job, some days I love my job. ... Read More

  1. by   fmoore723
    I simply want to say, Thank you, for that post. It was wonderful and summed it all up.

  2. by   icuRNmia
    Misty I love this post, you have gracefully placed into words all of the emotions I have experienced in my short nursing career. I would like to print this post and place it in my unit as sometimes I feel management loses sight of what a bedside nurse lives and breathes.

    I am the listener. Patients are many times afraid to discuss emotions with physicians or even family, and find themselves trusting their nurse with deep rooted and complex emotions. I truly listen and will at times cry with my patient.

    I am the inspirer. It's horrifying and anxiety producing to be in hospital for certain patients. I must diffuse, distract, and bring positive energy.
  3. by   JessieC777
    Wow.....that brought tears to my eyes
  4. by   florianslove
    Wow. This was a great post and just what I needed at this time. Corporate is riding our a###s about our new computer charting, the patient care get lost in the shuffle. I agree with a previous post, this should be put out there for all nurses to see.


  5. by   missyd1991
    I agree this is a great post!! It discribes nursing perfectly.
  6. by   shrinky
    I am the comforter and help your pain by giving meds, holding your hand, singing to you or just listening when you are anxious. I am your family member when you have no one who visits you. I am your teacher and help you to learn how to care for yourself and take your meds or teach your family how to take care of you. Yes, sometimes I am an angel who sits with you as you go gently into the next life to help make your transition peaceful. Thank you for starting this thread. We are worth so much more than they will ever be able to pay but I am counting on my reward being in heaven.:redpinkhe
  7. by   beachbutterfly
    beautifully stated!
  8. by   nerdtonurse?

    And on my last shift, I was also air conditioner repairman and bug catcher.