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Hello, Fellow Members. I fee like such a failure I really want to become an RN, but it does not look like its going to happen. I struggle alot academically and I have had to withdraw from... Read More

  1. by   ucandoit
    Hey there, Keep your head up and NEVER let go of your dream. I graduated from LPN school in 2000 and now I am only 3 quarters away from RN graduation. I can honestly say that my LPN was a huge asset to me!!!! I found alot of RN being review. So dont think you have to stop at the LPN level...Keep going!!!! Also, try getting some of the general ed. courses out of the way while you wait for school to start. Believe me...it will be a huge relief if your load is lightened.-Tara
    P.S.** PLease don't quit just yet, nursing is a calling. I honestly believe that we are all called to do this and if God calls you to it, he will pull you through!! You don't have to be a 4.0 graduate to be considered a nurse. Just try to meet your programs requirements and pass the boards.
    Here is a riddle for ya!!
    Q:What do you call a nursing student who graduates with a C?
    A: A Nurse(after they pass boards)
    Q: What do you call the student who graduates with an A?
    A: A nurse(after they pass boards)
    So the moral to this story is...Don't allow yourself to be defined by the grades you recieve. You are who you are because you earn it.(No matter your grade or GPA)
    Good luck, and hold on to your dream... and make it a reality!!!
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  2. by   ucandoit
    OH, and I forgot...Shelleybelle, I love your signature! And I so agree with your comment! LPN school about killed me. But that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!
    don't ever give up!

    cheers :wink2: !

    oy ...since when has the imagine feature been turned off?
  4. by   barefootlady
    Giggles, you are not a failure, it may take you a little longer to finally realize your dream but that is ok. Give yourself the gift of realizing the dream one step at a time. I was a LPN before going on to be an RN. I loved it. You will find that a lot of what you learn in the LPN class just helps prepare you for RN. Good luck in the future, just don't give up on yur dream.
  5. by   featherzRN
    I was an LPN (LVN here) first due to financial problems (was only 18 at the time) and I never regretted it. Don't regret getting my RN a bit later, but I would have been happy staying an LVN as well. So no worries!!