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  1. by   Norbert Holz
    Hello again to all who are following my situation,

    Things are going fairly well for me now. At my last office visit I was told that my clostomy reversal procedure could be scheduled. The ARNP updated my H&P, MD reviewed the films of my Barium Enema, I no longer need to have a dressing on the , now fully epithiealized wound, I can apply the wafer fully to my skin and I have a revises cut out pattern for the stoma.

    Unfortunately, I experienced a fairly bad "blow out" while at Mac Donald's with my 2 kids right after my appointment. Luckily, I was able to prevent stool from getting all over my clothing.

    I called the MD's office telling them of my problem. I asked them if I could come in to have my bag problem addressed by the ARNP, who also happens to be an Endostomal Therapist. They told me to come right over.

    Once there, about 10 minutes later, I was allowed to go into a room right away. The ARNP arrived within minutes and handled the situation in a competent caring manner. She addressed the manual task of cleaning the stoma site, resizing the stoma cut out and applied the new bag.

    Since my children were there too, she addressed thier feelings surrounding this embarrising and unfortunate situation. They handled the situation quite well.

    My daughter, 7, discussed how she helped me with my dressing and bag changes. She has been so helpful and couragous.

    My son, 21and schitzophrenic, saw my wound for the first time. He remained calm and supportive of the whole ordeal.

    I am slated to be admitted on June 28 for the reversal. I asked the ARNP if the redundant skin folds could be removed during the procedure. I told her of the long "lump" along the top and bottom of my incision site. She palpated the "lumps" and said that she'd discuss it with the MD.

    Now that I am able to more fully apply the wafer on the bag, I have greater confidence going out of my house. So far, I have not had a leak or "blow out" since the new bag was put on. Yesterday I even mowed the lawn without a leak!

    Thank you all for your interest advice and following my postings here! Your support has really helped me through this difficcult experience .

    Most sincerely,
  2. by   zudy
    NOrbert, so good to hear from you! Sorry you had a hard time while with your kids, but they sound like they are both great people. Sometimes we don't know how strong our own children are. You certainly can be proud of them! your caregivers sound like good people too. Keep in touch, you are in my prayers!
  3. by   grouchy
    I hope your reversal goes well. I'm not usually a prayer type of person, but I'm going to give it a try and pray for you. I was struck by everything you are facing. Not just the health problems, but all the complicating factors - the job problems, the worries about your kids. You must be a very strong person. I couldn't even imagine composing a coherent e-mail in the face of all this stress. Please keep us updated. I'll be thinking about you and hoping your surgery goes well.