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  1. Hii, i'm very curious how the hiring process works. I had an interview with a nurse manager awhile ago and I called today to follow up. She said "oh, i'm not the one who will call you back... HR is but I did refer you for my unit...and paperwork takes awhile but I expect you to start no later than March". Ok... so how does this work? I'm still waiting for HR's call. Does this mean i'm hired and just waiting for HR to call.... or am i just "being considered" and HR chooses if they wanna hire me?" Sorry for sounding confusing... thanks for listening!
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  3. by   baylor06
    Sounds like you have the job and are just waiting for HR to call... I am starting a new job next week, waited 6 weeks after my interview for HR to call, and I pretty much knew at the end of my interview that I had the job. Apparently, HR doesn't feel a need to rush lol... the manager is always the one who makes the decision to hire, not HR.
  4. by   carebearsRN
    thanks! i had a good feeling that I got the job after the interview... but nothing is definite until they offer right? I just hope they call me soon...
  5. by   vanlo001
    There's a variety of steps that need to be completed in order for a hospital to offer you the job. TYPICALLY, HR reviews your application to see if you meet the minimum qualifications, they them forward your app to manager who will arrange the interview - sometimes HR arranges the interview- depending on the interview the manager says yes or no. If it's no you will be notified you didn't get the position- sometimes by phone or email or mail. If it's yes they HR begins the background check. Verifying your licensure, previous work history, references, some do a criminal and credit background check. Some HR departments do this themselves other HRs send your packet out in the mail and have an outside company do the background check. Once the report comes back there are a number of people who must sign off on the hiring of the applicant so the folder is passed around from desk to desk at a snails pace.
    So it sounds like the manager recommended you so that is the first step. Be patient. Contact HR at end of the week and they should give you a fair timeline. Or email them some recruiters prefer the email because they can get to it when they have time.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Don't get too hyped up. Last minute changes can happen, or you could have been given the wrong impressions. Give yourself the chance to be pleasantly surprised when you do get the official notification.
  7. by   helikias
    Hmmm. Sounds good ... but don't put yourself in a position where you're gonna get screwed. The same thing happened to me once; I had all but quit the job I already had, when they suddenly decided to not fill the position due to budget.

    If I were you, I would keep sending out resumes and have a plan B ... just in case. Look out for number one, and trust no one until you have a letter formally extending employment in your hand!
  8. by   ljm253
    Hi, I am new to this site and was wondering what a pre-employment physical means. What do they check you for? I've seen it on job postings and it isn't specific. Just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on this. Thanks
  9. by   vanlo001
    A pre employment physical is performed differently at different facilities. Typicaly there will be an eye exam, a physical exam, they may or may not have you bend over touch your toes squat down and stand up walk on your tip toes or the balls of your feet. They review your immunizations and will do a TB test if you don't have one in the last year. They will draw torres if you don't have records of your immunization and typically they will do a drug screen. Mostly these are urine tests. Most but not all physicals require the drug screen and your position usually depends on successful completionof the physical.
  10. by   ljm253
    Thanks for the info. Do they check hearing? My hearing is good but not 100%. I can hear thru the stethoscope ok and I was told I could buy a special one that has super volume control. I hope that is ok to be needing one of those. I am really looking forward to going to nursing school and can't wait for it all to start. Just wondering about a few of the details.
  11. by   vanlo001
    They do not usually do a hearing exam but you need to be able to hear what your patient is saying, call bells ringing, alarms going off, differentiate many voices at once, and respond to doctors and co-workers. If it's a mild loss anamplified stethoscope should work. If it's more pronounced you may need to see an audiologist and I would disclose this during the physical exam.
  12. by   carebearsRN
    the HR called me! told me to be prepared for a basic medication test. I asked what I should expect and she said calculations & principals of administration... no drips. Does that mean basic conversions... ratios.. etc? Can someone review the principals of adminstration? thankss a bunch!