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I had something happen to me today that has never happened to me in my 21 years of nursing and I pray that even though I was very angry inside that I handled it right. Please note right up front... Read More

  1. by   RNPD
    Hi rnoflabor2000-tell me where to get in line for one of those PhDs they're handing out! I always wanted to be called "Doc" and my 15+ years in nursing should certainly qualify me if you only need 5 years to go from ADN to BSN. Too bad I spent all that money after LPN to go on for ADN-maybe I just could have gotten one from my experience!

    Seriously, degrees are conferred by colleges and universities-no one is just "handing them out". As far as those PhDs, they are "honorariums"-and you could no more get a job requiring a PhD with one than I could get a job requiring a BSN-in spite of all my years of experience!

    Duckie-you have gotten such great support from every poster here-it is so nice to see and so heartwarming!
  2. by   rnoflabor2000
    I am perfectly aware of the fact that they don't hand them out. Believe me, that was 5 long years of school to get a degree. But it sure would be nice wouldn't it. Too bad those PhD's couldn't use them, but at least they can be called doctor, huh? Well thanks for the input. Truth be told, I think a nurse is a nurse and it isn't fair that because of a few letters after your name, and what they spell means you can be treated any less.
  3. by   Jacaut
    I don't know, maybe she was feeling bad about herself and needed to lord it over you to "build" her self esteem. Backfired, didn't it? No need to be cranky- there is enough of that in the world.

    You were magnificent and I will try to remember that next time I'm having a crummy day. I tend to be outspoken sometimes and it sure is a rough lifestyle! You are a rolemodel!!!!

    Just a note- some of the best nurses I've ever seen were LPNs. One lady told me she stayed an LPN because she liked working with clients more than paperwork.

    It's all perspective.

  4. by   mcl4
    I keep trying to figure out why this woman said all these things to me, maybe she was testing me somehow. I did notice that after I left the room and closed the door, it wasn't 5 minutes before she left. I really think her Dad said something to her. She wouldn't even look at me when they left but her husband smiled at me. Maybe you are all right, she's just a nasty person, that's her problem. I'll head off to work in a little bit and do my job the very best I can. Hugs to you all for your kindness and I hope I can be there for all of you if you need me like you were for me. God Bless! You all have a great day! [/B][/QUOTE]

    It appears the resident was also affected by his daughter's harsh words. I'm guessing he was embarrassed by his daughter's judgemental remarks and chose to tell you privately. You handled this matter with kindness and in a professional manner

    I'm wondering how family conferences will go if his daughter attends them.