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Hi. I am about to give my two weeks notice to my current employer. I found out 2 weeks ago I have a new job, but I wanted to wait until I sign the paperwork and get the physical before I tell them.... Read More

  1. by   texas_lvn
    I put in my 2 weeks notice at a local hospital after I had worked there for 9 months. several performance great reviews with 2 increases in pay. Was leaving on decent terms. Nurse recruitment called me and asked why I was leaving. Told them I didnt respect my boss, and didnt trust him. wanted to leave the floor. I was all set to transfer to the EC when I had to call in r/t infected tat on my foot. MD even said in front of my Director that He wanted me off the foot or he was going to put me into the hospital. Director told me to take next day off. Next day was called and notified that since I called in, I was relieved of my 2 weeks notice and non-rehirable.

    Grieved the process. In the policies and procedures it says for any reason u call in on your 2 week notice, it automatically makes you non-rehirable. It is a working notice.

    Good luck to your mom.
  2. by   GIRN
    ebear....It's unbelievable that your own son was getting married and you had given them 8 month's notice and you still had to stress about how you were going to handle it if you didn't get it off! The exact same thing happened to us with a co-worker and while she did end up getting the day off, they didn't OK it until just before the wedding. There's enough stress preparing for a wedding without worrying about your job! That's crazy! And that's why people leave nursing. We're not treated like the professionals we are when our managers can control our personal lives like that. We have to work holidays and weekends, that's a given, but we're entitled to ask for vacations and special days off, too, just like any other professional. It's a sign of very poor management to not give their employees a more stable scheduling process.
  3. by   ebear
    Thanks, GIRN!
    I thought it was ridiculous too and said so! Just another fine example, I'm afraid. I have always loved nursing and patients for over 30 yrs. and I know my job quite well. It's the management over the last 10 yrs. that has driven me to the brink of hell.